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The election is around the corner, and democratic congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Tuesday looked to use video games to inspire people to vote -- and it probably worked. Ocasio-Cortez, better known as AOC, streamed Among Us, one of the most popular online games, on Twitch alongside streamers Pokemane and Hasanabi.

Among Us is a deception game, so lying, backstabbing, and other drama is expected, but with AOC, fellow congresswoman Ilhan Omar, and tons of notable streamers as crewmates, it was all in good fun.

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The stream peaked at 439,000 views, making it the third highest viewed single stream in history. The all-time record is Ninja's, when he teamed up with Drake and Travis Scott in a game of Fortnite. Viewership ranged from 300,000 to 400,000 for most of the stream.

It began at around 8:40 p.m. ET, before the advertised 9 p.m. kickoff. Ocasio-Cortez took that time to encourage viewers to vote, and do so in advance of election day if possible. As the games started, Ocasio-Cortez, Pokemane and Hasanabi were joined by Ilhan Omar, a fellow congresswoman to AOC and member of The Squad.

By the time Ocasio-Cortez logged off, she had been streaming for three-and-a-half hours.

It turns out a ton of people wanted to watch Democratic congresswomen Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar play the video game “Among Us” — hundreds of thousands of people, in fact. 'Among Us' is a popular online game in which players attempt to deduce who among them is an 'imposter.' The imposters' job is to sabotage the other players attempting to complete various tasks on.

Among Us is a social deduction game, basically an online version of the party game Mafia. Set on a spaceship, one or two players are 'imposters' attempting to sabotage a team of crewmates trying to do their tasks and figure out who the imposters are. In 2020, it's soared in popularity to become one of the most played games on online streaming site Twitch. Right now more people are watching Among Us on Twitch than any other game, including perennial favorite Fortnite .

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Someone's happy with her League of Legends ranking.

Outside of repeated appeals to vote, the stream was light on politics. Ocasio-Cortez joked at the beginning that it's OK for everyone in the stream to call her AOC, but Mike Pence isn't allowed to. Later, she had British streamers explain the joys of the NHS, the UK's publicly-funded healthcare system. But most of the video game stream was just that -- a video game stream.

The Twitch exploit all started Monday with a tweet from Ocasio-Cortez.

'Anyone want to play Among Us with me on Twitch to get out the vote?' The congresswoman asked on Twitter. She hasn't played the game before, she added.

After asking who she should stream with, hordes of popular streamers raised their hands in response.

Ocasio-Cortez launched her Twitch channel and, in a single day, garnered 289,000 followers. By the end of her stream she had amassed 422,000. AOC has already surged past other high-profile politicians, including Sen. Bernie Sanders and President Donald Trump, who are already established on the platform. Sanders has 158,000 followers and Trump has 143,000.

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Considering Ocasio-Cortez has publicly declared her love for video games on numerous occasions (she has a silver rank in League of Legends and has dropped in on Twitch chats before) it's surprising AOC has taken this long to launch a Twitch channel. This could be the first of many streams and is already inspiring other politicians to jump onboard. Fellow Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar has already launched her own channel in Ocasio-Cortez's wake.

© Provided by Mashable AOC and Ilhan Omar's wholesome 'Among Us' stream did huge numbers on TwitchAoc

Congresswomen Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar made their Twitch debuts today, enjoying a few rounds of Werewolf-like sleeper hit Among Us with several high profile streamers. AOC may be a highly intelligent, engaged politician, but it turns out she is an absolutely terrible space murderer.

The two Among Us newbies were joined by a constellation of Twitch stars, including Pokimane, Hasanabi, Disguised Toast, Dr Lupo, Myth, mxmtoon, Jacksepticeye, Cr1TiKaL, and Corpse Husband. Omar's teenage daughter Isra Hirsi also jumped in for some mother-daughter bonding time.

However, it was AOC's stream that received the most attention. Twitch confirmed to Mashable that her channel reached a peak of over 435,000 concurrent viewers during the three-and-a-half hour broadcast. This is an incredibly impressive figure for a new streamer, especially considering the number one record is 667,000, currently held by hugely popular Fortnite streamer Ninja.

AOC just did the most amateur kill ever and im howling laughing at the fact she got away with it pic.twitter.com/NV01ZJf5Bt

— Chelsea E. Manning (@xychelsea) October 21, 2020

Despite Among Us' theme of betrayal, sabotage, and horrible space death, AOC's first Twitch stream was surprisingly wholesome and a heap of fun. Much of the New York representative's early playtime was spent figuring out out how the game works and fretting that she couldn't kill anyone. Meanwhile, her opponents joked that “everyone is a little afraid of executing the Congresswoman.”

'Guys, I really don't want to be Impostor. Please don't let me be Impostor,' said Ocasio-Cortez, right before being designated an Impostor in the very first game. 'I'm so nervous.'

Omar was markedly better at playing the hidden killer, pulling off some impressive sprees, and AOC certainly improved throughout the stream. She still has a long way to go before she can call herself a stone cold cosmic killer, though.

'Oh my gosh guys, I can't believe I have to kill people in this,' said AOC, running about the spaceship like the world's most reluctant murderer. 'I can't kill Poki, she's so nice.'

Hearing others tell @AOC about their experience with universal healthcare just made me so sad and honestly jealous. pic.twitter.com/hSlz2Tp5i3

— ^/{•;;•}/^ (@nhoj_jpg) October 21, 2020

AOC and Omar didn't just take to the streaming platform to have fun though. The congresswomen also discussed voting and compared healthcare systems with the Twitch streamers, several of who weren't American.

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'You go to the doctor and you say 'I have this problem' and then they prescribe you the medicine, and then you just go pick it up. And that's it,' said English streamer Hbomberguy. 'And then you go home and you google how much it would have cost in America.'

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The politicians further encouraged viewers to vote, with AOC's Twitch page including a link to IWillVote.com. The fact that voting is a key aspect of Among Us' gameplay helped prompt this discussion, providing AOC regular opportunities to remind viewers to 'vote early.'

'Make sure that you have your voting plan put together,' said AOC, noting that people who have a plan are more likely to vote. She also told viewers who can't vote to encourage those who can to do so. 'Figure out if you want to vote early, mail in, in-person, day of. Make your plan and stick to it... Let's all participate in this election and save our democracy!'

You can watch a recording of AOC's stream on Twitch, though a ton of amusing clips are already spreading on Twitter.

today. i was killed by @AOC in among us within the first five minutes. pic.twitter.com/W1Uf17o34K

— maia (@mxmtoon) October 21, 2020

@pokimanelol 😂😂

How it started: How its going: pic.twitter.com/fpaexefTGc

— Ryan Wyatt (@Fwiz) October 21, 2020

UPDATE: AOC gets Imposter in her first time playing Among Us on Twitch. She gets voted out by everyone except Ilhan Omar. AOC says “She’s my ride or die!” pic.twitter.com/afOaBl7bGV

— Def Noodles (@defnoodles) October 21, 2020

'you will not murder me, correct :)?' @IlhanMN WHY pic.twitter.com/AOvXLW9umi

Aoc Among Us Pewdiepie

— maia (@mxmtoon) October 21, 2020

[email protected] kills @AOC. pic.twitter.com/4d5EezKFdp

— People for Bernie (@People4Bernie) October 21, 2020

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Though they seem to be the most successful politicians on Twitch, AOC and Omar aren't the first to use it to connect with younger voters. Senator Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign streamed several town halls and rallies on Twitch last year, while fellow Democratic candidate Andrew Yang created an account in 2018.

Aoc Among Us

AOC also previously appeared on Twitch in January, joining Hbomberguy to raise money for Mermaids, a charity that supports gender-diverse children. Video games have always been political, but the political sphere is slowly becoming more aware of games, with thousands of people having used Twitch to watch the first Biden-Trump presidential debate.