Apache Tomcat Maven

  • Nov 07, 2013 org.apache.tomcat.maven » tomcat6-maven-plugin Apache The Tomcat Maven Plugin provides goals to manipulate WAR projects within the Tomcat 6.x servlet container. Last Release on Nov 7, 2013.
  • Apache Tomcat 3.x is available for download from the archives. Version 3.3 is the current production quality release for the Servlet 2.2 and JSP 1.1 specifications. Apache Tomcat 3.3 is the latest continuation of the Apache Tomcat 3.x architecture; it is more advanced then 3.2.4, which is the 'old' production quality release.

Downloading Apache Maven 3.8.1

Apache Maven 3.8.1 is the latest release and recommended version for all users.

Apache Tomcat server: Apache Tomcat is a web container. It allows the users to run Servlet and JAVA Server Pages that are based on the web-applications. It can be used as the HTTP server. The performance of the Tomcat server is not as good as the designated web server.

Apache Tomcat Maven

The currently selected download mirror is https://mirror.synyx.de/apache/. If you encounter a problem with this mirror, please select another mirror. If all mirrors are failing, there are backup mirrors (at the end of the mirrors list) that should be available. You may also consult the complete list of mirrors.

System Requirements

Java Development Kit (JDK)Maven 3.3+ require JDK 1.7 or above to execute - they still allow you to build against 1.3 and other JDK versions by Using Toolchains
MemoryNo minimum requirement
DiskApproximately 10MB is required for the Maven installation itself. In addition to that, additional disk space will be used for your local Maven repository. The size of your local repository will vary depending on usage but expect at least 500MB.
Operating SystemNo minimum requirement. Start up scripts are included as shell scripts and Windows batch files.


Maven is distributed in several formats for your convenience. Simply pick a ready-made binary distribution archive and follow the installation instructions. Use a source archive if you intend to build Maven yourself.

In order to guard against corrupted downloads/installations, it is highly recommended to verify the signature of the release bundles against the public KEYS used by the Apache Maven developers.

Binary tar.gz archiveapache-maven-3.8.1-bin.tar.gzapache-maven-3.8.1-bin.tar.gz.sha512apache-maven-3.8.1-bin.tar.gz.asc
Binary zip archiveapache-maven-3.8.1-bin.zipapache-maven-3.8.1-bin.zip.sha512apache-maven-3.8.1-bin.zip.asc
Source tar.gz archiveapache-maven-3.8.1-src.tar.gzapache-maven-3.8.1-src.tar.gz.sha512apache-maven-3.8.1-src.tar.gz.asc
Source zip archive apache-maven-3.8.1-src.zipapache-maven-3.8.1-src.zip.sha512apache-maven-3.8.1-src.zip.asc
  • Distributed under the Apache License, version 2.0

Previous Releases

It is strongly recommended to use the latest release version of Apache Maven to take advantage of newest features and bug fixes.

If you still want to use an old version you can find more information in the Maven Releases History and can download files from the archives for versions 3.0.4+ and legacy archives for earlier releases.

Available Plugins

Maven is - at its heart - a plugin execution framework; all work is done by plugins. Looking for a specific goal to execute? This page lists the core plugins and others. There are the build and the reporting plugins:

  • Build plugins will be executed during the build and they should be configured in the <build/> element from the POM.
  • Reporting plugins will be executed during the site generation and they should be configured in the <reporting/> element from the POM. Because the result of a Reporting plugin is part of the generated site, Reporting plugins should be both internationalized and localized. You can read more about the localization of our plugins and how you can help.

Supported By The Maven Project

To see the most up-to-date list browse the Maven repository, specifically the org/apache/maven/plugins subfolder. (Plugins are organized according to a directory structure that resembles the standard Java package naming convention)

PluginType*VersionRelease DateDescriptionSource RepositoryIssue Tracking
Core pluginsPlugins corresponding to default core phases (ie. clean, compile). They may have multiple goals as well.
cleanB3.1.02018-04-14Clean up after the build.Git / GitHubJira MCLEAN
compilerB3.8.12019-04-28Compiles Java sources.Git / GitHubJira MCOMPILER
deployB3.0.0-M12018-09-23Deploy the built artifact to the remote repository.Git / GitHubJira MDEPLOY
failsafeB3.0.0-M52020-06-17Run the JUnit integration tests in an isolated classloader.Git / GitHubJira SUREFIRE
installB3.0.0-M12018-09-23Install the built artifact into the local repository.Git / GitHubJira MINSTALL
resourcesB3.2.02020-08-11Copy the resources to the output directory for including in the JAR.Git / GitHubJira MRESOURCES
siteB3.9.12020-06-24Generate a site for the current project.Git / GitHubJira MSITE
surefireB3.0.0-M52020-06-17Run the JUnit unit tests in an isolated classloader.Git / GitHubJira SUREFIRE
verifierB1.12015-04-14Useful for integration tests - verifies the existence of certain conditions.Git / GitHubJira MVERIFIER
Packaging types/toolsThese plugins relate to packaging respective artifact types.
earB3.2.02021-01-03Generate an EAR from the current project.Git / GitHubJira MEAR
ejbB3.1.02020-06-12Build an EJB (and optional client) from the current project.Git / GitHubJira MEJB
jarB3.2.02019-11-03Build a JAR from the current project.Git / GitHubJira MJAR
rarB2.42014-09-08Build a RAR from the current project.Git / GitHubJira MRAR
warB3.3.12020-07-13Build a WAR from the current project.Git / GitHubJira MWAR
app-client/acrB3.1.02018-06-19Build a JavaEE application client from the current project.Git / GitHubJira MACR
shadeB3.2.42020-05-31Build an Uber-JAR from the current project, including dependencies.Git / GitHubJira MSHADE
sourceB3.2.12019-12-21Build a source-JAR from the current project.Git / GitHubJira MSOURCES
jlinkB3.1.02020-12-28Build Java Run Time Image.Git / GitHubJira MJLINK
jmodB3.0.0-alpha-12017-09-17Build Java JMod files.Git / GitHubJira MJMOD
Reporting pluginsPlugins which generate reports, are configured as reports in the POM and run under the site generation lifecycle.
changelogR2.32014-06-24Generate a list of recent changes from your SCM.Git / GitHubJira MCHANGELOG
changesB+R2.12.12016-11-01Generate a report from an issue tracker or a change document.Git / GitHubJira MCHANGES
checkstyleB+R3.1.22021-01-30Generate a Checkstyle report.Git / GitHubJira MCHECKSTYLE
doapB1.22015-03-17Generate a Description of a Project (DOAP) file from a POM.Git / GitHubJira MDOAP
docckB1.12015-04-03Documentation checker plugin.Git / GitHubJira MDOCCK
javadocB+R3.2.02020-03-16Generate Javadoc for the project.Git / GitHubJira MJAVADOC
jdepsB3.1.22019-06-12Run JDK's JDeps tool on the project.Git / GitHubJira MJDEPS
jxrR3.1.12021-04-22Generate a source cross reference.Git / GitHubJira JXR
linkcheckR1.22014-10-08Generate a Linkcheck report of your project's documentation.Git / GitHubJira MLINKCHECK
pmdB+R3.14.02020-10-24Generate a PMD report.Git / GitHubJira MPMD
project-info-reportsR3.1.22021-04-25Generate standard project reports.Git / GitHubJira MPIR
surefire-reportR3.0.0-M52020-06-17Generate a report based on the results of unit tests.Git / GitHubJira SUREFIRE
ToolsThese are miscellaneous tools available through Maven by default.
antrunB3.0.02020-04-15Run a set of ant tasks from a phase of the build.Git / GitHubJira MANTRUN
artifactB3.0.02021-02-20Manage artifacts tasks like buildinfo.Git / GitHubJira MARTIFACT
archetypeB3.2.02020-07-21Generate a skeleton project structure from an archetype.Git / GitHubJira ARCHETYPE
assemblyB3.3.02020-04-30Build an assembly (distribution) of sources and/or binaries.Git / GitHubJira MASSEMBLY
dependencyB+R3.1.22020-03-07Dependency manipulation (copy, unpack) and analysis.Git / GitHubJira MDEP
enforcerB3.0.0-M32019-11-23Environmental constraint checking (Maven Version, JDK etc), User Custom Rule Execution.Git / GitHubJira MENFORCER
gpgB1.62015-01-19Create signatures for the artifacts and poms.Git / GitHubJira MGPG
helpB3.2.02019-04-16Get information about the working environment for the project.Git / GitHubJira MPH
invokerB+R3.2.22021-02-20Run a set of Maven projects and verify the output.Git / GitHubJira MINVOKER
jarsignerB3.0.02018-11-06Signs or verifies project artifacts.Git / GitHubJira MJARSIGNER
jdeprscanB3.0.0-alpha-12017-11-15Run JDK's JDeprScan tool on the project.Git / GitHubJira MJDEPRSCAN
patchB1.22015-03-09Use the gnu patch tool to apply patch files to source code.Git / GitHubJira MPATCH
pdfB1.42017-12-28Generate a PDF version of your project's documentation.Git / GitHubJira MPDF
pluginB+R3.6.12021-04-26Create a Maven plugin descriptor for any mojos found in the source tree, to include in the JAR.Git / GitHubJira MPLUGIN
releaseB3.0.0-M42021-04-16Release the current project - updating the POM and tagging in the SCM.Git / GitHubJira MRELEASE
remote-resourcesB1.7.02020-01-21Copy remote resources to the output directory for inclusion in the artifact.Git / GitHubJira MRRESOURCES
scmB1.11.22019-03-21Execute SCM commands for the current project.Git / GitHubJira SCM
scm-publishB3.1.02020-12-26Publish your Maven website to a scm location.Git / GitHubJira MSCMPUB
scriptingB3.0.02021-03-01The Maven Scripting Plugin wraps the Scripting API according to JSR223.Git / GitHubJira MSCRIPTING
stageB1.02015-03-03Assists with release staging and promotion.Git / GitHubJira MSTAGE
toolchainsB3.0.02019-06-16Allows to share configuration across plugins.Git / GitHubJira MTOOLCHAINS
wrapperB3.0.22021-04-08Download and unpack the maven wrapper distribution (works only with Maven 4)Git / GitHubJira MWRAPPER

* Build or Reporting plugin

There are also some sandbox plugins into our source repository.


Apache Tomcat Maven Repository

Previous archived versions of plugins reference documentations are located here.


PluginType*VersionRetired DateDescription
antB2.42019-06-02Generate an Ant build file for the project.
eclipseB2.102015-10-07Generate an Eclipse project files for the current project.
ideaB2.2.12013-07-26Create/update an IDEA workspace for the current project (individual modules are created as IDEA modules)
oneB1.32013-07-30A plugin for interacting with legacy Maven 1.x repositories and builds.
reactorB1.12014-03-24Build a subset of interdependent projects in a reactor (Maven 2 only).
repositoryB2.42019-04-30Plugin to help with repository-based tasks.

Outside The Maven Land

Apache Maven Tomcat 8 Plugin

At MojoHaus (formerly known as codehaus.org)

There are also many plug-ins available at the MojoHaus project at GitHub.

Here are a few common ones:

Apache tomcat embed mavenTomcat
Plugin (see complete list with version)Description
animal-snifferBuild signatures of APIs (JDK for example) and checks your classes against them.
build-helperAttach extra artifacts and source folders to build.
castorGenerate sources from an XSD using Castor.
clirrCompare binaries or sources for compatibility using Clirr
javaccGenerate sources from a JavaCC grammar.
jdependGenerate a report on code metrics using JDepend.
nar-maven-pluginCompiles C, C++, Fortran for different architectures.
nativeCompiles C and C++ code with native compilers.
sqlExecutes SQL scripts from files or inline.
taglistGenerate a list of tasks based on tags in your code.
versionsManage versions of your project, its modules, dependencies and plugins.


Tomcat Vs Apache

A number of other projects provide their own Maven plugins. This includes:

cargoCargo ProjectStart/stop/configure J2EE containers and deploy to them.
cloverAtlassian CloverGenerate a Clover report.
jettyJetty ProjectJetty Run a Jetty container for rapid webapp development.
jalopyTriemaxUse Jalopy to format your source code.
ratApache Creadur ProjectRelease Audit Tool (RAT) to verify files.
Genesis PluginsApache Geronimo ProjectVerify legal files in artifacts.
Apache TomcatApache Tomcat ProjectRun an Apache Tomcat container for rapid webapp development.
OWASP dependency-checkOWASP Dependency-check ProjectRun OWASP Dependency-Check, a utility that identifies project dependencies and checks if there are any known, publicly disclosed, vulnerabilities.
CycloneDXCycloneDX ProjectGenerate Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) in CycloneDX format.
pgpverifySimplify4UVerify PGP signature of all project dependencies.
buildplanJC GayInspect the lifecycle of your build.

Apache Tomcat Server