Apigee Drupal 8

Integration with Drupal 8 Apigee Edge Module: For full featured API web service. Other legacy CMS to Drupal 8 migration: A new and better home for your data. Responsive and mobile first design: So that you may reach your audience where they are. Drupal Developer Portal; apigee recommends migration of Drupal 7 developer portals to Drupal 8. Our proven approach for apigee Drupal upgrade will ensure that we analyse your existing portal for scope, content, assets and NFR to carry out migration and deployment with our accelerated approach and conduct functional/non-functional testing to.


Apigee Monetization Drupal 8

When we started using Apigee, part of Google, Inc (NASDAQ: GOOG), we were blown away by the amount of features it provides out the box. API management became a breeze. With Apigeeā€™s custom implementations for CI, we were able transition our customers from mid-tier to enterprise level with ease and reliability.

Apigee Drupal 8

This made our customers explore more options on how to expose their APIs internally and also some of them externally. We now have an Apigee Edge connected developer portal built on Drupal 8 ready to install and kickstart an API program. Team at Apigee are more than helpful in answering questions and helping via Github issue queue, this helped extend developer portals further and gave role based access control (RBAC) and Team Apps for managing teams of people. Excellent!

Apigee Drupal 8 Kickstart

So this time around, we decided why not give back to community. Apigee community helped us a lot in forums and gave valuable inputs on questions, implementation techniques etc. So we decided to rebuild developer portal on Drupal 8 and open source it for everyone to use. In these efforts we have created some stunning features all packed into our distribution.

Apigee Drupal 8

Here are some screenshots from our install.

Download it from https://www.drupal.org/project/sm_dev_portal

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Apigee monetization drupal 8