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IP Cam on Apple Watch!Xcode 7 beta 5 & watchOS 2. The OWLR IP Camera Viewer is made as a universal IP Camera app for Foscam, Axis, Dlink and many other manufacturers. Unlike other apps, OWLR DOES NOT keep personal data on the OWLR servers. This ensures that when you connect your camera to the OWLR app, we work to make your camera safe and secure - whether used as a baby monitor, front and back door monitor, home security and store or for small business surveillance. Ive been trying to find a good app for viewing my IP cam (old repurposed iPhone 4) directly on my Apple Watch. I found Cammy, but it looks like it only supports selective IP cams (not my iPhone).

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is my camera supported?

If it provides a standard MJPEG or RTSP/H264 stream, then yes! Some manufacturers design their cameras so they only work with their own apps. In that case, they will not work with Webcam HQ, unfortunately.

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Why is my camera not detected automatically?

Webcam HQ scans your network for UPnP- and Bonjour-compliant devices. If your camera does not show up, you can always enter its address (URL) manually.

I got an error and the message 'Please check the Address, Username and Password'. What should I do?

The Address field has the form: scheme://ipaddress:port/path where 'scheme' is 'http' for MJPEG video feeds, or 'rtsp' for H264. The ':port' part is optional if your camera uses the default port (80 for http and 554 for rtsp). The path depends on your camera model.
For example, the correct Address for an MJPEG D-Link camera at IP address (default port) is:
Or for an H264 Foscam camera at IP address and port 88, it would be: rtsp://

I entered the correct user name and password. Why do I get an 'authentication error' message?

Apple Watch Ip Camera ViewerApple Watch Ip Camera Viewer

Please check that your password does not contain special characters like &, ?, : or @. In theory, they should not be a problem, but we have found that they cause trouble with some cameras.

I don't know the correct Address for my camera. What can I do?

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Since version 1.6, if you only know your camera's IP address, you can enter it and Webcam HQ will try all the most common URLs automatically. Be sure to only type the IP address, or IP:PORT, without the http:// or rtsp:// part, for example or