Bear Face Drawing

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Let`s learn how to drawa bear’s head.

For the beginnersit is enough to studytwo options –a bear’s head inprofile andfacefront view.

How to draw a bear’s headin profile

If we want to draw,for example,the head of the bear,where do you thinkweshould start?My answer– not withfur,chubbycheeksand aglistening black nose.Weshould startwith an introduction to the skull of a bear.
We are interestedin the overall skullshape and placement of eyesand ears:

Applyingknowledge of the structure of the skullwe will besure to drawthe head of a bear,not aTeddybear.

FaceBear Face Drawing
Sloping forehead,elongated nose,a relativelysmalllower jaw.
Drawthe eye and the earexactly wherethey are locatedin the skull.Andthen add the fur.
Now let’s see how to draw the face of a bear.

Full face Bear drawing

In this case I’m going to use the crib:

Looks interesting.The faceis very wide,horizontaloval.

Whilethe facial featuresare concentrated inthe middle.

Ears! Please note the ears do not grow on top -they are where in the skull ear canals are located.
Bear face drawing easy
Well,nowyou have learned how to drawthe head and faceof a bear.

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Easy Bear Face Drawing

Bear Face Drawing

Polar Bear Face Drawing

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