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  1. Best Fortnite Clan Logos
  2. Best Fortnite Clan Logos
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Any brand or team can outshine its competitors through the help of branding. This helps establish a unique image that audiences and fans can associate with an organization. Your esports or sports clan can gain more prominence in the scene.

We created a roundup of designs that will be perfect for your gaming clan today. The list features emblems that people looking for Fortnite logos, PUBG logos, or even football logos will take inspiration from.


Here’s a quick overview of the clan logo templates that you can expect from this list:

Start discovering designs for clan logos not used and used. This roundup will give you a better idea of how you can create a brand mark that will represent your team. Learn the essential elements and tricks that you can use to come up with a compelling brand identity.

Wolf logos

This well-loved canine is a potent symbol of intelligence, tenacity, and powerful instincts. Featuring a wolf in your design signals your audiences and opponents that you are a force to be reckoned with. The meaning that wolves represent is just one of the many reasons why it’s a well-loved mascot.

Does your team relate to this animal? You may want to use this animal in your design.

This section will give you an idea of how you can incorporate this into your brand identity. We’ll show you how you can use wolves and other graphic elements to create a remarkable clan emblem.

Switch things up by using different art styles for your wolf illustration. You could experiment with abstract, minimalist, or whatever type of design that is appropriate for your clan. Considering your brand identity and target audience will help you find the right kind of design.

Take a look at this Egyptian-inspired Esport logo by Teng Studio. The wolf logo features symbolic colors like blue and gold, which represent royalty and indestructibility. It certainly gives the brand an edgy look.

Pro tip: Know the meaning behind colors

A quick way to add a layer of meaning to your logo is by reading up on color psychology. It explains the different human traits that consumers associate with brand colors. You can communicate passion, balance, peace, and other desirable characteristics by incorporating colors to your logo.

Cool logos

When people look for gaming logos or Fortnite logos, they keep their eyes peeled for the coolest designs. Read this section to learn why.

Best Fortnite Clan Logos

Cool brand logos are another way for clans to invite more members or simply improve their brand’s reputation.

Best Fortnite Clan Logos

In this section, you’ll find awesome designs that can inspire your brand identity.

You can add illustrations that feature skulls, mythical beasts, sunglasses, hackers, and other creative icons for cool emblems. When picking a drawing, make sure that you select one that is communicative yet simple. Adding too many details can affect your logo’s impact and make it less adaptive.

Pro tip: Ask for feedback

Show your design to your friends or clan members before asking for feedback. The insight you will get from this is valuable for improving your layout, especially one that will symbolize your group. This will help you spot the strengths and weaknesses of the logo.

Crest logos

Historically, crest logos are used by heraldry and royalty. Its bold design is now used by organizations affiliated with sports, companies, and gaming.

The style of crest logos can add a regal effect to your clan’s image. Plus, the badge shape gives your design a frame that gives it more prominence. This will make your logo pop even if you apply it to other brand assets like shop signages, invoices, and more.

Although the shape is one of the most notable elements of a crest logo, you shouldn’t take type for granted. There are tons of fonts that have a dominant look while retaining its readability. For starters, you can use Barbaro Western, Choplin Koliko, Dozer, and Baron. You could also search through free font libraries such as FontM or Google Fonts to explore other styles.

Pro tip: Use two to three colors only

Sticking to a limited number of colors prevents you from oversaturating the brand mark. Designers suggest setting the maximum amount of colors to three. This helps retain simplicity to make your logo recognizable and visually coherent.


Like the top esports teams today, your clan deserves to have a high-impact brand identity. Your logo will stand as the face of your brand, whether it be online or offline.

We’ve shown you how you can improve concepts like text, illustration, and shape to turn into a cool symbol. After seeing the well-designed logos above, you’re all set to conceptualize your brand.

DeisgnCrowd is a great place to start developing your idea. You can create a logo design contest that lets you work with international designers who will compete to give you outstanding bids. Discover more about design contests today.

There’s another way you can generate a logo. Try BrandCrowd, one of the best online logo makers today. Browse thousands of designs that you can personalize. You can test out various font combinations and colors to your liking. In minutes, you can have a unique identity for your team.

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