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So I decided to try and draw the eyes and lips of BTS since I really have fun drawing eye and lips and in my opinion I think they turned pretty good...except for some of there lips....I'm still learning how to draw lips BUT I think the eyes turned out pretty good

(Also sorry the hand and phone shadows in the pictures....I couldn't find good lighting anywhere else or anywhere else in general at the moment where I could take these pictures....so sorry about that)

So here they are....

Jimin Eyes:

Jimin Lips:


J-Hope Eyes:

J-Hope Lips:


Suga Eyes:

Suga Lips:


Jungkook Eyes:

Jungkook Lips:


Rap Monster Eyes:

Rap Monster Lips:


Jin Eyes:

Jin Lips:


V Eyes:

V Lips:



I think I did the best on V Eyes and Jungkook Eyes

Who do you think was the best? Comment ^^

Thank you for looking and reading my post!! <3

Speed art thing of me drawing Sugas Eyes:

Bts Drawings Anime


Bts Drawings Chibi

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Bts Drawings Outline

  • All Members of BTS
  • Chibi Jin Eating Noodle
  • Park Jimin
  • BTS Jungkook
  • BTS J-Hope
  • Funny Chibi BTS
  • Chibi SUGA
  • Jimin, V and Jungkook
  • BTS Funny Draw
  • Rap Monster BTS
  • BTS Band
  • Free BTS Band
  • Jimin from BTS
  • Suga from BTS