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Camtasia (Windows/Mac) This training series is based on the latest version of Camtasia. Click on the module titles below to view the description and link to the related video component. This series is a combination of videos produced by Drexel University IT and videos from Techsmith, the makers of Camtasia Studio. Camtasia optimizes your video and settings for you. Make videos public or private.

Additional Camtasia® Resources

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Free version of camtasia
  • Techsmith Blog (.HTML)
  • Techsmith Academy (.HTML)
  • Royalty Free Camtasia Assets (.HTML)
  • 508 Compliance Rule - Video Accessibility (.HTML)
  • Mac File formats that can be imported to the Camtasia Studio timeline
  • Better Quality, Smaller File Size (.HTML)
  • Backup Project Files Automatically (.HTML)
  • Importing Camtasia AVI's into Adobe Premiere (.HTML)

**Camtasia Studio is still new for Mac relative to Windows! Click here to view a comparison of features.

Windows and Mac users should review the Camtasia® Studio system requirements.

You can download the Camtasia license from the CCIT Web Downloads page.

Camtasia® questions should be directed to CCIT:

  • (864) 656-3494

Camtasia Studio Free Download

TechSmith also has many resources on their Camtasia 2018 Help page.

  • Do We Offer Instructor-Led Training for Camtasia®?

    Yes. Clemson Online currently offers instructor led training for employees. Please view our training calendar or email [email protected] to schedule 1-on-1 training. Click the links below to download the class handouts.

  • Is There a Cost Associated with Camtasia® Studio?

    Clemson has recently invested in a site license for Camtasia for 5 years. While there is no cost for the software license, you may also have additional expenses for the following items:

    • A microphone
    • A webcam or digital video camera
    • A video capture device
    • The cables to connect your video camera to your computer(ex/firewire)

    To see the differences between versions, use the Camtasia Studio Version Comparison Chart.

Review the TechSmith® User to User forum or the Camtasia® Studio Tech Support for assistance with frequently asked questions.