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Camtasia System Requirements (Mac) macOS 10.14 or later (Recommended: macOS 11 or later ) 6th-Generation Intel® Core™ i5 Processor with 64-bit support (Recommended: 10th-Generation Intel® Core™ i5 Processor with 64-bit support or M1 Apple Silicon processor).

Record your lectures or presentations and post to the web for playback using Camtasia Relay. This software has many uses but is commonly used by faculty in the classroom. Camtasia Relay allows you to record exactly what’s displayed on your computer screen including your mouse clicks and any accompanying audio (such as narration or explanations). A microphone is also required to record audio.

What is Camtasia Relay?

Camtasia Relay is software that allows you to record exactly what’s on your computer screen including the screen, mouse clicks, and any accompanying audio (such as narration or explanations).

Ways you might use Camtasia Relay

  • Record lectures from your home, office or classroom computer and distribute to your students via the Internet or your class site.
  • Use the Caption selection when creating the initial video.

Note: When using multimedia or timed presentations, you’ll need to consider how to make the digital information accessible for everyone, especially if one of your students has requested accommodation through the Disability Resource Center.

Basic requirements

  • The Camtasia Relay recorder needs to be installed on your computer (Mac or PC).
  • A computer with an Internet connection (for you and each of your students).
  • A microphone for you (instructor) if you intend to record audio.
  • A headphone or speakers for both you and your students if your recording includes audio.

Note: Relay is already installed on all campus machines.


  • Firefox has stopped supporting Flash as of July 2015 You will get a warning on your browser stating that ” Firefox has prevented the outdated plugin “Adobe Flash” from running on the site.
  • To view any of the Camtasia Relay videos use the Allow button and select Allow and Remember.

Camtasia Student Discount

Note 1:Always login to the Relay Recorder before you start recording. Do not Log-Off the recorder until the video has been submitted. Always check on the Camtasia Relay server if the recording has been processed.

Note 2: If you login as guest and do not use your account, your recording will have no owner and we will need to manually locate the video on the server. Always login before using the Relay Recorder.

Note 3: If your video has not completely been processed, login to the computer and your Relay account. The video will continue being processed.

Process for installing Relay:

If you want to use Relay on your college computer –

1) All college computers already have access to the Relay Recorder and the icon looks like – or

2) Place a Request Center ticket indicating the need to have CS techs install it.

3) If you are installing Relay on a personal computer, you may download and install the Relay client from https://camtasia.bellevuecollege.edu/Relay/ClientDownload.aspx. Select the download for a Windows PC or a Mac.

Note: CS techs are unable to work on personal computers.

How to log in to Camtasia Relay

  1. Go to https://camtasia.bellevuecollege.edu/relay/
  2. To log in, using your NetID [email protected] and your password.
    example: Username: [email protected]

How does Relay work?

Once logged into BC’s Camtasia Relay site, you will be able to see the status of your recordings, review help files & FAQ’s, or download Relay client.

To create a recording:

  1. Always login to the Relay Client/Recorder before creating a recording.
  2. Setup the Hot Keys and create a Test recording.
  3. Before starting a recording, select your profile – that means the type of file. Recommended is selecting Flash and Podcast Profile.
  4. After recording, add a title, a description and review the recording. Trim the start and the end of the recording as needed.
  5. Submit the recording. The recording will take anywhere from 10 minutes to 24 hours to be published.
  6. You will receive an e-mail with a link to your recording after it has been published. When attempting to view the presentation, click on the VIEW PRESENTATION link at the top of the e-mail. Your e-mail also contains the full URL address at the end of the notification.

Note: This url link can be copied and pasted into handouts or Canvas site for others to view.

What is a Relay Profile?

Before you start recording, learn about the Relay Profile (It is just the type of file to be created).

Relay can record with the following types of files which are also called profiles. They are – Audio Only, Flash and Podcast and Flash Only, Flash with Captioning, and Silverlight Standard with Captioning. (You may not see all of these choices)

It is recommended you use the Flash and Podcast Profile or Flash and Podcast with Captioning

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Create your Relay Recording

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NOTE: Always login to the Relay Recorder before recording otherwise you will loose you recording or it will not get saved.

Start recording:

  1. Click on the Relay Recorder icon to launch the recorder.
  2. Type your username and password.
  3. Click the Log In button
  4. Select the Profile – (Flash and Podcast recommended), add the presentation Title and the Description.
  5. Click on the Microphone icon on the top to adjust the audio device.
  6. Use the Hot Keys icon to create Hot keys for starting and stopping the recording.
  7. Adjust the microphone volume if needed.

Camtasia Student

Note: If the program is installed on a computer where you are the sole user, select the “Remember Me” checkbox to remember the login credentials. Adjust the microphone volume if needed.


  1. Use the Test button to start practicing video and audio captures without saving and publishing the presentation.
  2. The recommended screen resolution is 800×600, change the screen resolution if the content captured is not readable.


  1. Click Rec button to start the recording. You have three seconds to get ready.
  2. Once it starts, the Relay recorder will be minimized and shown on the task bar.
  3. Use your Hot keys to stop recording or right click the Relay recorder icon located at the task bar and select Stop.
  4. Use the Play button to view the presentation.


Camtasia Studenten

  1. If the presentation needs to be trimmed at the beginning and at the end, click the Trimming button.
  2. Slide the timeline bar where you want the presentation to start, and click Set Presentation Start icon.
  3. The timeline to be deleted will turn red.
  4. Click the Red X button to undo the trimming process.
  5. Slide the timeline bar where you want the presentation to end, and click Set Presentation End icon.
  6. The timeline to be deleted will turn red.
  7. Click the Red X button to undo the trimming process.


  1. If the screen capture needs to be redone, just click on the Discard button to delete.


  1. Before clicking Submit button, select a profile if you have not selected one.
  2. Type your presentation Title and Description.
  3. Click Submit button if you want to publish the presentation on the Relay server or click Discard if you do not want the presentation to be published.
  4. Once submitted, the Presentation Complete message will be shown.
  5. Click OK.

URL link to your recording

  1. To check if the presentation has been published go to https://camtasia.bellevuecollege.edu/relay/default.aspx
  2. Log in to access your Relay account.
  3. Select Presentations menu.
  4. Your presentation should be under either Processing or Completed.
  5. When the Relay server finishes publishing the presentation, an automated e-mail will be sent to notify you that the presentation is successfully published.
  6. The URL link will also be provided in the e-mail message. Click on the View… link for the URL
  7. If you have created a recording type: Flash only with Captions, you will need to edit the Captions before submitting the final recording.

Downloading your recording as an Movie clip file.

  1. Log in to access your Relay account. https://camtasia.bellevuecollege.edu/relay/default.aspx
  2. Select Presentations menu.
  3. Your presentation should be Completed.
  4. Right Click on the View… link for the URL for file type “Podcasts
  5. Look for the “Save target as
  6. Download the file to your desktop, the file will be listed as “Movie Clip”
  7. Open the file using any program like “Windows Media Player” or “Quicktime”

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Last Updated October 21, 2020