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Here you can find recipes related to goat and lamb as well as links to our Caprine Cuisine Message Board and Udderly Great Message Board.The Udderly Great section pertains to goats milk, cheeses, etc. The California Mastitis Test (CMT) screens for possible mastitis infections. It works well for goats, but Recognizing a Good Dairy Goat A 'good dairy goat' is not just a doe with a pretty udder or one that milks 4,000 pounds a year. The subfamily Caprinae is part of the ruminant family Bovidae, and consists of mostly medium-sized bovids.A member of this subfamily is called a caprine, or, more informally, a goat-antelope; however, this term 'goat-antelope' does not mean that these animals are true antelopes: a true antelope is a bovid with a cervid-like or antilocaprid-like morphology. Caprine Acres ITS $300 75% Alpine 25% Togg Sire: Autumn-Acres ITS In The Shire Sires Sire: PJ Baileys Driver Aragon Sires Dam: CH Caprine Hills CHMBB Missouri Dam: Caprine Acres MM Mesmerized Dams Sire: SG Pearl Valley HKK Micro Manage +.B Dams Dam: Peach-Valley A Golden Dream Caprine Acres SS Starfruit Sire: Sinai Thunder O Sharp Shooter.B.

Invigorating aromatics of 5 Fold Orange increases the ability to concentrate. Red Current and Thyme Tea has a fresh floral note with a rich musky undertone.

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Caprine Cuisine Recipe - 'Pit Goat'

Caprine Goat Medicine

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Goat Caprine Medicine

USDA Rural Information Center

Submitted by Garry Vroegh

I just got a request for Pit-Goat.Here is one that I got some time back...from (?)It works well. And with excellent results on Lamb/Mutton too.The absolute best way is the one my husband's family has used for years!!! Take a 55 gallon barrel and dig a hole deep enough that the top of the barrel is flush with the ground. In the bottom of the barrel start a really hot fire--and keep it burning until when the flames are allowed to go out there is approximately 4 inches or more of coals that are still active (red hot).

Place a grill top from an old barbeque or a large flattened bunch of wire over the coals. Place the butchered animal in the bottom of barrel--either whole or piece by piece, i.e. ribs, legs, etc. make sure it is evenly distributed. Place a flat piece of metal over the top of the barrel making sure that it is about 2-3 inches larger than the barrel. Place a second flat metal piece on top of this and then cover with dirt and then wet the soil thoroughly. Leave the meat on the coals over night at least 12-14 hours. In the morning, uncover the top very carefully and using a long handled fork or something of that order, retrive the meat. It will be DELICIOUS!!. Over the top we use a barbeque sauce which makes it all perfect.

For the sauce:

    2 packages of very large dried chilies--
    Remove the seeds by opening the chilies from the top and pulling then seeds out. Place all of the chilies after removing the seeds into a pan of boiling water and boil for approximately 30 minutes. After boiling place chilies in a blender and use a little bit of the water in which they were boiled to use until the sauce is the consistency of catsup which has been slightly thinned.Add salt, garlic and cumin to taste.

    The sauce can either be poured directly on top of the meat on a platter or served on the side so that everyone can flavor to taste.

We also serve hot tortillas, have sliced limes, diced onions and cilantro which can be put over the top of the meat in the tortillas. Sometimes we even make a 'Salsa Baracho' which is diced chilies, tomatoes, onions, cilantro and avacado which can be added to the taco.Finger licking good--and even though you may not like spicy things the red sauce is not hot--the other salsa can be HOT!!!

Try this you'll like it.

Garry W. Vroegh
Dutch Heritage Farm
Tropical Sheep International


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