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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: December 27, 2008
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Description: Welcome everyone to another awesome drawing lesson here on DragoArt.com. Today I will be showing you how to draw anime people kissing step by step. The reason why I will be teaching you how to do this is because I was sketching some anime/manga people over the past few days and all the different poses and positions they can be in. There was this one position that I never drew before and I thought that it would make a cool tutorial because if you really think about it you can’t find this pose anywhere. That is when I drew manga people kissing. I really had a lot of fun drawing out the concept of this project and I think that they came out beautifully. The way that their lips are locking really makes it look like that these anime people are in love. I will be doing a series of different types anime people posses that I think you will all appreciate. My next tutorial for tomorrow will be on how to draw anime people hugging step by step. If there is any kind of pose that you would like to see in a tutorial involving anime/manga people, just let me know and I will fulfill your request. I have to go now and prepare myself for the next drawing lesson on the way. But for now it is time that you learn how to draw anime people kissing step by step. Have fun with this one and remember take your time and try your best. If you want, you can try out a newer lesson that I submitted that will teach you how to draw kids step by step. Try it out!
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Couple Kissing Drawing Simple

Lovers - Kiss In Blue' - Original contemporary figurative painting on canvas, painted edges and ready to hang. The painting is part of a series of close-up images of couple in love kissing. Heavy textured painting made using charcoal and acrylics applied by palette knife. Size 40 cm x 30 cm x 1 cm (16 ' x 12' x 0.5'). Certificate of Authenticity. Continuous line drawing of couple kissing each other vector illustration simple minimalist design One line drawing of couple in love. Romantic theme vector illustration, good for valentine's day greeting banner, poster,.