Draw Baby Yoda

Let’s Draw Baby Yoda – Step By Step Step 1:. Start drawing Baby Yoda’s head by following the arrows above – a wide downward curve connected to a a little. On the left side, draw the top portion of the left ear. Make a long downward stroke outwards.

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  2. How to Draw Baby Yoda from The Mandalorian (Realistic) – Easy Step by Step Drawing Tutorial (STEP 01). Draw a rectangle that is about 8 inches wide by 10.6 inches long. Lightly separate the rectangle into 3 equal. These guidelines are optional. Break the top section into 3 equal parts.

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Draw Baby Yoda

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How to draw baby yoda from star wars easy with this how-to video and step-by-step drawing instructions. How to draw cartoons for beginners and kids.

Please see the drawing tutorial in the video below

You can refer to the simple step-by-step drawing guide below

Step 1

First, we’ll draw the approximate contours of our star baby’s head and body. The head is huge, as you can see. The width and length of the head significantly exceeds the size of the body. By the way, this is a pretty sure way to draw a baby.

Draw Baby Yoda

Step 2

Now we outline the contours of the almond-shaped eyes. Eyes should be very large, pay attention to this. The lower edge of the eye must coincide with the lower third of the face.

Step 3

Add a small nose and mouth. The right nose is higher than the lower edge of the eye. The mouth consists of three lines with a smooth bend.

Step 4

What else is noticeable in the figure and the proportions of our characters? Of course these are ears. Our hero has large pointed ears located almost horizontally. Please note that Master Yoda actually has smaller ears.

Step 5

Baby Yoda Step By Step Drawing

Draw baby yoda step by step

This guy has really huge ears. Let’s work with this feature to make small aliens more realistic. In this step, we will describe the aurora. Do not forget a few vertical strokes on each side

Step 6

Draw Baby Yoda

In this step we apply wrinkles and skin folds. As you can see, this is not a sign of old age. So first we draw the circles above and below the eyes. Then we drew three vertical lines between the eyes that looked like the model of a Spider-Man mask. Then we add horizontal wavy lines to the forehead. At the end of the lesson, we draw small but important lines above the nose and mouth.

Step 7

Learn To Draw Baby Yoda

Now we outline the contours of the warm collar. Also, in this step, we outline a few vertical lines on the character’s body.

Step 8

Let the complete basic body contours. To do this, we need to outline the contours of the sleeves cut with warm fur on the far sections.

Step 9

Remember the foot of Master Yoda? By the way, he is the greatest Jedi who possesses a sword of light. In this step, we will draw the same feet with small pointed nails.

Step 10

Let’s look at our baby Yoda. We will evaluate the accuracy rate and personal details. If you do not see the distortion or incorrectness, you can safely delete the redundant lines of instructions and proceed to the final step.

Step 11

Let the app dark. You can see the darkness in our little Yoda’s ears, under his collar and a little on his face. Big ball is best applied in two steps. First, we draw the outline of the shadow and then cover it with a light shadow. Very small shadows can be drawn without sketching.

Step 12

This is the end result of our work. We hope your little Yoda looks even more cool. Coloring for Baby Yoda.

Draw Baby Yoda On Pumpkin

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