Dry Tree Drawing

Trees and treedrawing writfenandillustrated edwardc.clifford,r.i.,r.d.s. Sixthedino x pfblishedbv georgerowneyandcompany, artis'is'colourmenandpencilmakers, london,w. Drawing from direct observation will also allow you to find the best view from which to draw a tree, a flat photographic representation of a tree will never replace this. Also, consider your location, are you drawing trees on mass in woodland or is it a single isolated tree in a garden or park.

Looking for an instruction on how to draw a tree? The eight stages below will help even a novice artist learn how to draw a tree. The ability to paint nature is literally necessary for any artist. This is a useful skill if you want to paint landscapes. So, prepare your favorite pencils, paper or graphics tablet and let’s dive into a learning process.

Step 1

So, let’s start depicting a tree by creating the crown of the tree. Use a curly and winding line as the artists of Easydrawingart.com did in the example below.

How To Draw A Dry Tree Step By Step

Step 2

Now use two lines to depict a trunk. Do not try to exactly repeat the crown and trunk as in our example, because in the world you will not find two absolutely identical trees.

Step 3

With the help of another winding line, we finish depicting the crown. This outline should cover the top of the trunk as in the example of Easydrawingart.com.

Step 4

Dry Tree Drawing

Using three curved lines, we finish depicting the top of the trunk. This part also should not be exactly repeated as in our example. Do not be afraid to show your imagination.

Step 5

Let’s give the tree picture a more voluminous and beautiful look. To do this, depict the leaves as the artists of Easydrawingart.com did in the example below.

Step 6

Now pass to the bottom of the trunk and depict the roots, which are somewhat reminiscent of the branches that we sketched earlier.

Step 7

Now arm yourself with an eraser and wipe off all unnecessary guidelines from your artwork, making it beautiful, clean and aesthetic. You can darken the lines of your artwork to make it sharper.

Step 8

Now armed with green and brown colors paint the tree with the help of colored pencils, paints or felt-tip pens. You can also depict shadows to make your artwork look more realistic.

So, dear artists and readers of Easydrawingart.com, was our instruction on how to draw a tree useful for you? Try now to repeat all the stages from memory or depict oak or maple, using the knowledge that you could see above.

Also, try creating a beautiful landscape by placing a tree next to a waterfall and depicting a rabbit or other animal.

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Cartoon trees are one of the easiest things to learn to draw. Once you have a basic tree, you can start varying your tree types and shapes to create whole forests. But before you start experimenting, let's start with four basic steps to creating trees.

Step 1:
This is actually really simple. You are going to draw two vertical arcs, starting about the same height and about the same length. Make them curve a little differently, though, to give your tree character. I like to curve to the right. Connect the bottom of your two arcs with a line that is not quite straight but doesn't curve wildly, and you have yourself the trunk of your tree.

Step 2:
Adding branches is where a lot of people begin to sweat, thinking it's really difficult to make the branches of your cartoon tree look real. It's actually no harder than the trunk. To start the two main branches, turn your trunk into a 'Y', still leaning a little to the right. These two lines will connect with a large 'V' or 'U' in the middle, making two skinny branches. On the right side of your trunk toward the top, add a very thin branch that is basically just a point, and on the left side at the angle of the 'Y', draw something that resembles the blade of a knife. Now, you have some branches that will peek out through your leaves.

Step 3:
Okay, so this is going to be really easy. Remember when you were little and you used to draw houses with a sun in the corner and puffy clouds in the sky? The leaves of your tree are basically going to be a single cloud that has landed on top of your tree. However, instead of making all the puffs the same size, make some smaller and some larger so that it varies. You can put a smaller, skinnier cloud at the end of your little tree branch on the right. Now, you are going to erase overlapping lines. That will mean the branches disappear into the leaves and the leaves disappear behind the trunk.

Dry Tree Drawing

Step 4:
Now you can add cute little details to your cartoon tree. More little bubble arcs can make additional leaves in your tree, and a couple of vertical arcs in the trunk give it texture, like bark on a real tree. For real pizzazz, draw some 'lollipop' flowers at the base of the tree - three or four straight lines of different lengths topped with circles for buds.
At this point, you've finished the outline for your cartoon tree, and it should look really nice. You can color it in, or try your hand at a second and third, perfecting your technique so that you can move on to more unique tree structures. Other than that, you can consider yourself an expert artist for cartoon trees!

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Dry Tree Branches Drawing

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Dry Tree Drawing