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Shark is in fact very easy subject for drawing. The reason why it is easy to draw is that even if you do not keep the exact balance of body parts (fins, eyes, etc) position, your shark drawing will very much resemble to a real shark. Trust me, it will! Let’s draw one simple sketch of shark first. I’m not doing drawing videos anymore. I explain why in the comment that I pinned in the comment section. But feel free to check out any of my other videos;).

Hello kids..! I’m here again with a new drawing tutorial on how to draw a shark for kids and novice. Sharks are water animal mainly found in oceans and very rare in rivers and less water.

  • Then, it is time to add the fins to the shark's body. At the top of the back, draw a large triangular dorsal fin; above the belly, draw a long pectoral fin that tapers at the end; and near the end of the body, draw a pelvic fin. Afterward, draw a part of the second pectoral fin that is further away. Step 3: Sketch the tail.
  • Drawing a Simple Shark Download Article 1 Draw a triangle with the pointed angle facing the right. Stretch out the triangle by elongating the shape using two not so straight lines across and end it with a vertical line.

All overworld, there are around 440 different species of shark. They are an attraction for nature channels and geographic channels. Their fierce look makes people scared still its attraction for many, in simple word its been feared at the same time adored too.

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In this article, we will learn to draw white shark as well as grey reef and cartoon sharks.

So kids, let begin our Shark drawing tutorial which is step by step to make it easy to follow. It will help kids and novice to form basic body shape and place fins at the place.

How to Draw a Shark Step by step:

Step 1: As every fish shark also has an almost cylindrical body. Thus according to that mark down the pictures and proportions for the shark, refer to the image.

Step 2: Outline the body and mouth of the shark. It is very easy to draw by following it.

Step 3: From the body of the shark add guidelines for the fins, refer to the image below.

Step 4: With the easy stroke of lines start forming the fins, mouth, and eye of the shark.

Step 5: Work on the whole shark add details as lines on the body for gills and add teeth to the mouth.

Step 6: Add air bubbles to the drawing and work on every single detail.

Step 7: Your shark is ready, erase all extra lines carefully.

How to Draw Grey Reef Shark:

Step 1: Start by drawing the body of the shark.

Step 2: Add the bottom body with mouth formation.

Step 3: Continue both upper and lower body line towards the tail.

Step 4: By joining two arc shapes draw cute little tail.

Step 5:Draw small mark for nose, e tiny circle for eyes and few lines for the gills.

Step 6: On draw with V shape draw dorsal fin.


Easy Whale Shark Drawing

Step 7: Add 2 pectoral fins on the lower body line.

Step 8: Now, erase the outline inside the fins and draw water waves.

Step 9: With the help of image below color your shark and outline it with marker

Easy Cartoon Shark Drawing

Easy Shark Drawing

Step by step Sharks simple drawing: Shark drawing will be easy for you and complete in 5 steps only by following the below picture.

Easy Shark Drawing

How to draw a cartoon shark face:

Cartoon drawings are very nice and good because of there simplicity. In the above part of article, we learned drawing the whole body, but why not just focus on the scary face of the Shark. By drawings, its pointed teeth, angry eyes, and perfect color you will be able to illustrate to everyone exactly what it is.

How To Draw A Great White Shark

The great thing about cartoon drawings is that they are very simple and funny. Why not to draw the scary face instead of whole body. By drawing pointy teeth, eyes full of anger, and filling color to it you can illustrate it exactly what it is.

Here our shark drawing tutorial is complete, hope you guys enjoyed it and thanks for visiting my page. For more such interesting drawings you can follow us and other articles as how to draw Dog, Dolphin, Mickey Mouse etc.

The largest of the sharks is the whale shark, which is 20m long and weighs 7000-8000kg, which is simply the king of fish.

Step-by-step tutorial to teach you how to draw this shark, very simple. If kids like it, let them try following the steps below!


√ Draw a shark PDF <—– Click to download

√ Drawing papers

√ Markers / Crayons / Colored Pencils


Preschoolers and kids of all ages

Draw A Shark For Kids


0.5 hour


How to draw a shark

1. Draw a curve to get the mouth, like the number '3' flipped left and right.

2. Then draw the outline of your body, and draw a fin on your abdomen.

3. Draw a fin on your back. Then draw the tail on the right side of the body.

Easy shark drawing fintastic

4.Draw some sharp teeth on your mouth. Then draw a black dot as the eye, and draw three lines on the right side of the eye to get the gills.

5. Draw a curve above the belly fin. Then draw three fins near the tail.

Easy Shark Drawing Videos

6. Finally, simply color it and the fierce shark is finished!