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Installing Apache Tomcat Server should be very easy in Eclipse Environment.

Setup tomcat in eclipseAdd tomcat to eclipse

EclipseLink JPA Deployed on Tomcat 6 using Eclipse WTP. Tomcat 6 is not a Java EE 5 compliant server by design as it is a servlet container, however the servlet container is able to run EJB 3.0/JPA applications in application-managed Java SE (stand alone) mode. Defining a Server in Eclipse Before configuring Tomcat in Eclipse, we'll have to install it first. Now, let's start by invoking the New Server wizard in Eclipse using File New Other: Clicking on Next will take us to the window where we can select the version of Tomcat. Installing server runtime If you do not have Apache Tomcat on your machine, you will first need to download and unzip Apache Tomcat (this scenario was written using Apache Tomcat version 5.0.28, but other versions can be substituted). Start the Eclipse WTP workbench. Once installed, in Eclipse, go to Window / Preferences / Server / Runtime Environments Press Add button, select Apache / Apache Tomcat v7.0 or Apache Tomcat v8.∞ Press Next, select location on the drive (i.e. C: apachetomcat) for Tomcat installation directory.

Here are the simple steps:

  1. If you do not have Apache Tomcat on your machine, you will first need to download and unzip Apache Tomcat.
  2. Start the Eclipse workbench.
  3. Open Window -> Preferences -> Server -> Installed Runtimes to create a Tomcat installed runtime.
  4. Click on Add… to open the New Server Runtime dialog, then select your runtime under Apache (Apache Tomcat v7.0 in this example).
  5. Click Next , and fill in your Tomcat installation directory :
  6. Ensure the selected JRE is a full JDK and is of a version that will satisfy Apache Tomcat. If necessary, you can click on Installed JREs… to add JDKs to Eclipse.
  7. Click Finish .

Eclipse With Tomcat Server Ip

Other must read:

Last week I faced some issue with this. I was trying to add Tomcat 9 in my Eclipse on Mac OS X.


When I click Add new server in Eclipse and select Tomcat v9.0 Server, the field Server Name was blank and I cannot type in anything in that Textbox as shown below:

What I did before is I deleted a Tomcat 9 server from Eclipse and I was trying to reinstall Tomcat 9.


But it doesn’t allow me to type anything in that textbox and I cannot proceed to the “Next” button. After some time I found a bug in Eclipse.


Eclipse Tomcat Config

Here is the workaround that worked for me:

  1. Close Eclipse
  2. In {workspace-directory}/.metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.core.runtime/.settings. Delete the following two files:
    • org.eclipse.wst.server.core.prefs
    • org.eclipse.jst.server.tomcat.core.prefs
  3. Restart Eclipse
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