Electromagnetic Radiation Diffraction

Diffraction of electromagnetic waves in Schwarzschild's space-time

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In order to study the gravitational lens effect in detail this paper investigates the electromagnetic radiation generated by an electric dipole oscillating with high frequency in the Schwarzschild metric outside the horizon. Expressions for the Newman-Penrose tetrad components characterizing the radiation field are derived in a suitable approximation. The Poynting vector is discussed in the region behind the deflecting mass (black hole, neutron star) in the fully coherent case for large distances of source and observer from the centre of the lens. Intensity and gain in the focal region coincide with the corresponding values applying to scalar radiation. An observer sees double images of the source outside the focal region. The results (positions of the images, relative intensities) are compared with those occurring in the case of an incident plane wave (recently treated by Herlt and Stephani) and with the properties of the images in the (geometrical optics) limit of incoherent radiation.

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In earth and space science electromagnetic radiation is often a part of a discussion of radioactive minerals, cosmic rays being deflected by the earth's magnetic field, and analyzing incoming radiation from stars by optical and radio telescopes or other means. As radio waves are a form of electromagnetic wave, it means that they can also be diffracted. Radio wave diffraction. As radio waves undergo diffraction it means that a signal from a transmitter may be received from a transmitter even though it may be 'shaded' by a large object between them. It has grown out of lectures and manuscripts by Julian Schwinger prepared during the war at MIT's Radiation Laboratory, updated with material developed by Schwinger at UCLA in the 1970s and 1980s.

August 1980
Electromagnetic Radiation Diffraction

Define Electromagnetic Radiation Diffraction


Electromagnetic Radiation Diffraction Chart

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