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GNS3 support many switching options - they range from unmanaged switches, to Cisco IOS switches, to Datacenter Nexus switches, to Etherswitch modules and then emerging technologies such as OpenFlow and SDN. Extreme Networks and many more. Extreme Academy. Education sector training partnerships. Training & Courses. Wide selection of self-paced or instructed courses. Maintenance Services. Around the clock support for your network. Premier Services. Dedicated customer advocacy teams. Professional Services. Network solutions, consultation, and implementation. Managed Services.

I setup a a router in GNS3 with the loopback adapter and cloud connected to it. Now i setup everything up from the guides I have followed and from my physical PC i can ping the loopback interface and the router i have setup in GNS3. However, i cannot ping my physical PC or tftp to it from my GNS3 router. I turned off the firewall and it still does not work.
here is the problem:
Physical host can ping the GNS3 network/router
GNS3 router cannot ping or tftp to the physical host
firewall is off
GNS3 router can ping the loopback interface
route to the GNS3 network is shown in the ROUTE PRINT output on the physical machine
its like i can only initiate communication from the PC and not from within the GNS3 network.

Extreme Networks Gns3 Download

'description': 'The VOSS VM is a software emulation of a VSP8K switch. End-to-end fabric networking. Adaptive connectivity from your DC to branch. Gain the leading edge with Wi-Fi 6. You can also use switches from other vendors such as Cumulus, Extreme Networks and many more. Using a c3725 as an “Etherswitch Router” This is a rather simple process, but be aware that your options for configuring Cisco switching while using a c3640, c3660, c3725, and c3745 for this are quite limited.