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All information about Butterfly And Flower Drawing Colour. Pictures of Butterfly And Flower Drawing Colour and many more. Learning Color with Flower Coloring Pages. Drawing a simple lotus flower is a educational videoThis channel includes many fun educational videosBaby Channel is a video tutorial for kids. Hibiscus Flower Drawing Tutorial! ASMR ART, Relaxing, Coloring for Adults. How to draw a hibiscus flower step by step (Easy). Flower Outline - Candle Drawing Png, Transparent Png free download transparent PNG Image. Find more high quality PNG images on PngJoy. Flowers have always been considered symbols of beauty and as such, they always attracted the attention of artists. Since the ancient times, flowers.

Flowers drawings images to color

Flower Drawings

Flower drawings : A beautiful flower always makes us smile. Imagine replicating your flowers in the form of flower drawings! I’m sure you will be thrilled to see realistic flower drawings on a large canvas. Flower drawings are the easiest to master. One can start with very simple flowers and move on to complex flower drawings as they master the technique. There are millions of designs available in the internet to hone your drawing skills, but flowers are the easiest patterns. We have added some 35 beautiful flower drawings / color pencil drawings / rose drawings for your inspiration.

Drawings of flowers hibiscus

Flower Drawings - Lotus Drawings

Flower drawings lotus
Pencil drawings of flowersFlower drawing

Drawings of flowers lotusFlower drawing

Flower drawing colour

Flower Pencil drawings

Flower drawing rose

Flower drawing rose by anya alexeevaFlower drawing roseFlower drawing step by stepDrawing flowersFlower drawing lotusDrawings of flowersFlower drawing step by stepFlower drawing

Flower Drawing Colour

Flower drawing howFlower drawingDrawings of flowersFlower drawings

Flower Drawings - Rose drawings

Flower drawings rose
Flower drawings roseFlower drawings roseFlower drawingRose drawing painting flower

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Flower Drawing Designs

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Long-term planunit:6 Traditions andfolklore



Teachername: TymbayevaGulnar




Theme of thelesson:Draw andcolour

Learningobjectives(s) that this lesson is contributingto

1.L3recognize with support simplegreetings

recognize the spoken form of alimited range of basic and everyday classroomwords

1.W1hold a pen/pencil in acomfortable and efficient grip

1.S3pronounce basic words andexpressions intelligibly


All learners will be ableto:

Sing a song and colorthe pictures

Most learners will beable to:

Recognize all thewords

Some learners will beable to:

Recognize the sounds ofphonemes.


Learners have met thislearning objective L3, if they can understand and recognize 6-7words


Cooperation Respect :when students work in groups, they will learn to be polite andrespectful to each other

Cross curricularlinks

Performance arts: use gesturesand movements



Smartboard, video files and online games. Cards,books.Class sets of coloured crayons. Whiteposters, scissors and glue.


vocabulary from previousunits, words for colours, simple objects andanimals



Planned activities(replace the notes below with your plannedactivities)





Teacher greets students;students respondto greeting and take theirplaces.

Hello, boys and girls! How areyou?Now let’s sing a song to greeteach other and our guests.


Teacher asks pupils to make abig circle and sing a song in a circle

Teacher introduces the topicof the lesson:The topic of the lesson is“Draw and colour”.

Hello song (1min)

Make a circle song (1min)




Teacher elicits andpre-teaches colours

:green, yellow, red,blue…ect.

Teacher gives learners colourcards and ask them to invide them in two groups Warm and ColdColours .


Teacher gives pictures to eachgroup to illustrate given words. One group explain theirpictures,for example,for a flower. The other group has to guess andname the colour.


3 Colour the worksheet (theapples are red, the carrots are orange , the pears aregreen)

4 Listening andcolouring

Let’s listen and sing alltogether the colouring song and colour the pictures on the whiteboard

5 Draw arainbow


Teacher reads colour words andpoints to the picture. Learners choose and circle the word thatmatches the picture.

PPT (1-2min)




Worksheet 1. (3-4min)

The apple is redsong


Video how to draw a rainbowand clouds (2min)+4 min for drawing andcolouring


5 min


Evaluation of the lesson bymeans of oral feedback from students – thumbs up ordown.

Teacher asks guiding questionsto less able students such as:

  • Can you name allcolours?

  • Can you write thesewords?

  • Can you pronouncephonics?

Teacher finds out: What wasdifficult? What was easy?

Pupils sing a goodbyesong.

Good bye song(1min)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v= Xcws7UWWDEs


Differentiation – howdo you plan to give more support? How do you plan to challenge themore able learners?

Assessment – how areyou planning to check learners’learning?

Health and safetycheck
ICT links

More support will begiven to weaker learners by giving them a modified worksheets insome tasks with greater support

  • through questioning and theredirecting of questioning in feedbackactivities

  • through observation in groupand end performance activities

  • through formativetask

  • White board is used no morethan 10 minutes

  • Use water basedpens

  • Health promotingtechniques

  • Breaks and physical activitiesused.

  • Points from Safety rules usedat this lesson.

  • Use video 10minutes


Were the lessonobjectives/learning objectives realistic?

What did the learners learntoday?

What was the learningatmosphere like?

Did my planned differentiationwork well?

Did I stick to timings? Whatchanges did I make from my plan and why?

Use the space below toreflect on your lesson. Answer the most relevant questions from thebox on the left about your lesson.

Flowers Drawings Images To Color