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FreeLogo.com features a free logo design tool that makes it easy for you to create logos for your business, website and anywhere else you need a great logo. Try it now and download your free logo.jpg! The free logo maker online tool is providing you with a wide range of templates that are categorized under different industries and businesses. Explore the category that matches your brand and choose one of its cool logo designs that can satisfy potential customers.

A logo represents your store, your company, and your mission. It informs and conveys a mood. A good logo stands out and builds trust.

Whether you’re launching a business on a shoestring budget or looking to define your brand, there are plenty of tools to help you design the right logo, easily and with little cost.

Here is a list of logo makers and design tools. All of these are inexpensive and easy-to-use.

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Hatchful is a logo maker from Shopify. Select from hundreds of unique logo templates, by industry. Add icons, customize colors, change fonts, and edit layouts to create a one-of-a-kind brand. Price: Free.

Squarespace Logo Maker is easy to use. Enter your company name, then search for an icon, primarily from The Noun Project, which offers an extensive collection of free iconography. Add a tagline, and customize the elements. Price: Free.

Canva offers a logo maker with a drag-and-drop interface, real-time collaboration, vectors and icons, and hundreds of templates organized by industry. Design on your mobile device by downloading the free Canva app. Price: Free.

Wix Logo Maker lets you create a logo or get matched with a professional designer. Use Logo Maker’s artificial intelligence to generate options. Answer questions about your brand identity and personal preferences. Logo Maker will then create a design for you. Customize to fit your brand. Price: High-resolution logos start at $49.


Wix Logo Maker

Ucraft offers a free, simple logo maker. Choose from 1 million royalty-free vector icons. Experiment with shapes, text, icons, and colors. Price: Free.

MarkMaker generates logos to choose from and then updates the selection based on your choices. New logos are created by borrowing and recombining traits. Selected logos are saved in a shared database. The logos you see are based on designs that have recently been selected by others on the site. Price: Free.

DesignEvo is a free logo maker with 10,000-plus templates organized by industry. Select a template or browse similar logos, then customize. You can also start from scratch in the logo editor with a library of icons to choose from. Price: Free version limited to 300 pixels with credit. High-resolution logos start at $24.99.

Logoshi is an automatic logo maker that provides formats suitable for your website, Facebook page, stationery, and more — 90 logo files in all. Price: Basic logo is $5. Pro package starts at $20.

Zyro lets you create a logo in a few simple steps. Type your business name, pick from thousands of logo templates, customize the elements, and download. Start by picking a starter logo, a color, or a shape. Zyro also features an AI-based generator that launches with the pick of a starter logo, a color, or a shape. Price: Free.

Online Logo Makeris an easy-to-use editor. Add text, shapes, or symbols from a wide range of categories. Or upload your own image to get started. Preview your logo on an assortment of business cards. Price: Free for low-resolution. High-resolution download is $29.

Logaster provides logo packages for all branding needs. Enter your company name and tagline and select the icon category and color palette. Then preview your logo on letterhead and business cards. Logaster doesn’t contain a vector editor. Instead, it offers logo bundling that includes letterhead, email signature, social media kit, and more. Price: Logo packages start at $19.99.


FreeLogoDesign starts with the user selecting a logo idea template. Then click on any item in it to add text, shape, color, or another icon. Price: Low-resolution logo is free. High-resolution starts at $39. Custom logo design is $199.


LogoDesign.net has a library of thousands of industry-based vector images. Use the logo maker to customize the font, colors, text, effects, and shapes. Price: Low-resolution is free. High-resolution starts at $39. Custom design packages start at $97.

Vectris a free editor to create your own scalable graphics, including your own 2-dimensional logo. Price: Free.

LogoMakr is an easy-to-use editor. Enter your logo name, choose your font and color, add a graphic, and customize. Match colors, add text outlines and shapes, duplicate objects, add multiple colors, and more. LogoMakr provides SVG and PDF files for printing and editing, along with high-resolution PNG and JPG files. Price: $19 for high-resolution.

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As a designer it's natural to make logos for high-density displays. However when designs wind up in the real world they're often displayed in tiny sizes - as app icons and website favicons that can be as small as 16x16 pixels.

Conventional wisdom says that logos should be reproduced exactly, but when a high-res logo is reduced to 32x32 or 16x16 some leeway in interpretation is necessary. Line weights also have a perceptual component - as you scale down the logo thin lines quickly become illegible.

Most favicon generators simply do a naive scaling, resulting in blurry looking icons. Ideally you would design a separate logo for each resolution - logo crunch makes this process much easier using concepts from computer vision. It even works on images with gradients or complex textured backgrounds.

Free High Quality Logo Maker

Free High Res Logo Maker

Simplify (Opening)

This is known as an 'opening' morphological operator, and is useful for removing fine details.

Fill holes (Closing)

This does the opposite of simplify, where small or thin holes in the shape are filled in.

Thicken (Dilate)

This extends the area of your shape just like adding more stroke.

Boost thin lines

Sometimes the image is otherwise fine but has very thin lines. In this case we would like to apply the thicken filter only to the thin lines. We use a convolutional filter to isolate these lines, then apply a dilation operator with the thin lines as a mask.


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