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This tutorial shows how to draw a cute anime vampire girl in sixteen steps. It also includes a few variations of facial expressions and hair color that you may want to use with such a character.

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Female anime vampires (especially if they are one of the main characters) tend to be drawn more cute than scary. This tutorial will show how you can draw such a character. One that is not particularly intimidating but has just a tiny hint of an aggressive/mischievous look. It will also show how you can add some basic accessories that can help show that she’s a vampire.

While this tutorial uses petty much the same drawing approach as many other here on AnimeOutline the proportions of this character are slightly different. If you want to have a very similar look be sure to go over all of the steps carefully.

If drawing using pencil and paper be sure to start with very light lines as you will need to do some erasing in between different steps. You can darken your lines later.

Also please note that as already mentioned the tutorial provides some alternative facial expressions that are not shown in the initial step by step preview. There is an example with the teeth/fangs showing (which are so characteristic of a vampire). You can see these at the end after step 16.

Step 1 – Draw the Upper Part of the Head

Begin the drawing by making a vertical line through the middle of your drawing area. This line can help you insure that both halves of the head/faces are of even width. Afterwards add a light oval (almost a circle) to represent the top of the head. Position this near the upper part of the vertical line.

Step 2 – Draw the Lower Part of the Head

Going down from the circle add the lower part of the head. To make the character look more cute make this fairly small in relation to the upper part of the head and not very tall.

As you can see in the above example you can draw each side by first making a straight downwards line that is angled towards the middle of the head followed by a curve and another line that is angled even further towards the center. Both sides should be joined at the bottom with the small curve of the chin.

For drawing different styles of heads see:

Step 3 – Draw the Neck & Shoulders

Going down from the head add the neck followed by the upper part of the shoulders. Keep the neck fairly slender and the shoulder fairly small in relation to the head.

For more on drawing necks and shoulders see:

Step 4 – Position the Eyes

To position the eyes divide the face in half horizontally and place them with their top end slightly below the halfway mark. There is no one set position for the bottom part of the eyes. This will depend on how tall you wan them to be.

Normally you want to space the eyes far enough apart that you can fit a 3rd eye in between them. In this case you still want to keep the spacing fairly close to that but make it just a tiny bit narrower (less than the full width of one eye).

When it comes to the outer shapes of the eyes make them fairly tall with their inner ends angled downwards. Draw the irises fairly small with their top ends covered by the top eyelashes and position them closer to the inner ends of the eyes than the outer ends.

These type of eyes will help give the character a slightly fixated/aggressive look as mentioned earlier.

For drawing different types of eye expressions see:

Outline Of Girl

Step 5 – Add the Eyebrows

Position the eyebrows so that the space between them and the upper part of the eyes is slightly less than the overall height of an eye.

Draw the eyebrows these fairly short with thicker inner ends and angle them downwards towards the center of the head.

For this particular character this will be natural/relaxed position of the eyebrows. Making them angled slightly downwards will again contribute to her slightly aggressive look. It will also make her look a more confident.

For more example of drawing eyebrows see:

Step 6 – Position the Nose

Place the nose with it’s bottom located at the same horizontal point as the bottom of the ears (between the upper part of the eyes and the bottom of the chin).

In this case the nose will be drawn as a bit of a water drop shape. But you can even draw it as pretty much just a dot (as is so common in anime).

Step 7 – Position the Mouth

Girl Outline Drawing

Position the mouth just slightly above the halfway point between the bottom of the nose and the bottom of the chin. Draw it fairly wide and with a light curve to create a bit of a smile.

The combination of the slightly serious aggressive/confident eyes and the lightly smiling mouth will give this character a bit of a playful “I’m going to get you look”.

Step 8 – Position the Ears

For this particular character the ears will be placed slightly differently than is recommended in most other tutorials here on the site.

Also please note that in the final drawing the ears will be fully covered by the hair so you do not necessarily need to add them. However the explanation of drawing them is still provided in case you want to draw this character with a different hairstyle.

To place the ears you can draw a pair of curved lines that touch on the upper parts of the eyes and the nose as shown in the example above. These should position the ears with their upper ends slightly below the bottom ends slightly below the nose. At the same time the height of the ears should still be close to the distance between the upper ends of the eyes and the bottom of the nose

For the alternative placement of the as well as drawing their inner details see:

Step 9 – Draw the Front of the Hair

The approach for drawing the hair will be to split it up into three parts. These are the

  • Front Hair Section – shown in red
  • Side Hair Sections – shown in green
  • Back/Top Hair Section – shown in blue

For a more on this approach see:

For this hairstyle begin with the front section. Draw it as pretty much one big clump that splits in two near the end as shown in the example.

Step 10 – Draw the Sides of the Hair

Add the side section “hugging” the face again each starting with one big shape that splits up near the ends.

Outline Sketch Of Girl


Step 11 – Draw the Back/Top of the Hair

Finally add the back section of the hair with it’s top part somewhat following the shape of the head, then getting wider around the neck and finally going behind the shoulders.

You can also draw some small clumps sticking out of it to make the hair look a little bit more natural/messy.

Step 12 – Draw the Smaller Details of the Face

At this stage make sure that everything is in the right place (check the proportions). Afterwards clean up the drawing by erasing the parts of the head that should be covered by the hair.

Step 13 – Draw the Smaller Details of the Face

Now add the smaller details. In particular these should be the smaller parts of the eyes (including a hint of the eyelids), the hair folds and the collar bones.

You can see a larger step by step drawing of the eyes in the example above. You can however hold off on the coloring/shading part until you get to steps 15 and 16.

When drawing the pupils make them fairly tall and narrow so that the eyes are a bit “cat like”.

Step 14 – Adding Accessories

You can give the character some accessories to further emphasize that she’s a vampire.

In this case it will be a band bat shaped necklace/pendant. You can also add a hint of her clothes as well as a band around the neck as shown in the example.

Once you finish adding the accessories you can darken your lines by either tracing over them in pencil or using a back pen/marker. If going with the latter be careful not to make a mistake.

Step 15 – Add Color

This first color scheme for this character will pretty much be red/pink an black as these colors go very well with the theme of vampires.

You can pretty much fill each area of the drawing with one solid corresponding color. Leave the highlights in the eyes white. You can leave the highlights in the hair white or shade them in very lightly with the same color as the hair.

In this case the hair highlights will be very simple but if you want to draw them in a different style see:

One other small details that you will want to add when coloring is the bottom lip. Create this with a light red/pink without giving it a dark outline. Drawing lips in this way is very common in anime/manga.

For other styles of lips you can also see:

For more on coloring anime characters see:

For more examples of drawing lips see:

Step 16 – Add Shading

Girl Outline Drawing Tumblr

This particular character happens to look pretty good with even just the base colors but if you want to go a bit further you can also add some simple shading.

As with other similar tutorials on this site the shading will be done in a very generalized manner where shadows will simply be added to areas where shadow are more likely to form in common lighting conditions such as a well lit room.

Add shadows in the following places:

  • Tiny shadows around the eyelids
  • Small shadows from the eyelashes over the top part of the eyes
  • Shadows on the face from the hair
  • Shadow on the neck from the head
  • Shaded area on the inner/back section of the hair

When shading the pendant go over most of it with a darker color but leave a small highlight area at the top. You can see a close up drawing of it above.

An easy way to create these if drawing on paper is to simply go over those areas of the drawing with a regular pencil.

For shading a face in different lighting see:

Once finished with the shadows you should be pretty much done with this tutorial but you can see some more content below.

Hair Color Variations

This character can also look good with the hair colors shown below:

Blonde is another hair color that can go well with this character. It’s also fairly common for anime vampires.

You can also make the hair white or platinum blonde (no highlights).

Expressions & Teeth/Fangs Drawing

For some facial expressions a character like this may have that show teeth you can see the two below.

This first one is slightly angry/serious (though not overly so). For this expression draw the eyebrows lowered and the eyes slightly squinted. Draw the mouth in a sort of “smile” with the two fangs on each side (a larger drawing of the mouth is shown further down).

This second one is more playful. A sort of “Oh really?” expression. For this example draw the eyebrows raised (particularly their inner ends) and the eyes slightly squinted.

You can see a close up drawing of the teeth compared to the closed mouth in the example above. If you want to keep the character looking “pretty” draw the fangs fairly small. You can give just a hint of the other teeth with a sort of broken up curve (again as shown in above example).

For more on drawing anime teeth see:

For more facial expressions see:


This tutorial showed how to draw a fairly cute vampire girl as well as some suggestions as to how to give her a hint of personality. You can of course experiment for yourself with other color combinations, facial expressions and accessories. Simply think of what matches the character.

For more tutorials on drawing fantasy characters also see:

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