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Learn how to draw, shade, and create gradation with graphite pencils with the following drawing lessons and tutorials to create comics, cartoons, illustrations, as well as photo-realistic drawings. Or Go Back to Main Pencil Drawing Lessons Page

Don’t be mistaken, creating drawings that look like photographs, while most definitely not something for beginners, is absolutely possible. In this tutorial, you will be given some simple tips on how to make your drawings look like the real thing. These are advanced tips, so those of you without much experience might not see much use in them yet, but in the future you might.

n this pencil drawing lesson, we'll focus on the importance of mark-making. Mark-making is the expression we use to describe the process of applying pencil to paper. You can improve your pencil drawing skills by carefully considering your pencil and how it hits the page. Controlling and exploiting the possibilities of the mark is an important step in developing as an artist.

Draw a Cat - Learn how to draw a cat in graphite pencil, following this easy tutorial.

Learn The secret to dramatic, no shine, black and white pencil drawings.

I cannot stress this too much or too often — Pencils do not draw hairs. Pencil marks only define the position and shape of hairs. Well, that may be a little too simplistic - there will be occasions when a dark hair overlays a patch of white hair and requires a positive pencil stroke. And pencils certainly add the required tonal values to hairs. But in general use a pencil line does not represent a hair — it forms the boundary between hairs.

Here is a female nose to go along with the female eye tutorial I did. This tutorial demonstrates how I render noses as realistically as I can, using mostly direct application of graphite. I hope you will find the following images and descriptions informative and helpful as a guide in drawing noses. Many thanks to Toni-Marie Hudson for the use of her picture as reference for this tutorial.

The following is a step-by-step demonstration of how I draw eyes. While I very much hope that it helps you in drawing realistic eyes, do experiment and develop your own way of drawing. I myself sometimes do not follow some of the steps exactly as I like to experiment and try to find better ways of achieving a specific texture or effect. Before I begin, many thanks to Toni-Marie Hudson for the use of her picture. Toni-Marie does animal paintings in mixed media. Visit her web site to view her extremely realistic paintings.

How to Draw with Graphite and Create Beautiful Art was one of the first pages I wrote for my website. As a matter of fact, it was written before this site was even called Toad Hollow Studio and that was a long time ago. I wrote it to help others learn how to draw and I wrote it from my heart.

This drawing tutorial contains techniques to create realistic looking artwork to provide fellow charcoal and graphite pencil artists insight into my methods. The first half of the page will explain the pencils and blending tools I use to render both rough and smooth textures. Once you know how to create realistic looking textures, you're on you way to creating much more realistic looking artwork.

Before You Buy Graphite Pencils - The humble graphite pencil might seem like the simplest of drawing tools, and so it is - but when you hit the art store, the range of graphite pencils available can come as something of a surprise. If you are just starting out, the low-cost, quick solution is to choose select a 6B, 4B, 2B, H and 2H from a reputable artist's range. A serious beginner might want to go for a full set in a tin, or try clutch pencils. Pencils are relatively inexpensive, so experiment to find what suits you best.

The Drawing Tools I Use for Graphite Pencil Drawing Lesson - I am often asked about the tools I use to create my drawings. Do I use traditional wood-cased pencils or mechanical ones? What type of eraser do I use? It would appear that many Artists have a fascination (and a vested interest) in the tools and techniques used by other artists... and I'm no different in that respect! So, what tools do I use......

Top 6 Graphite Pencil Drawing Paper Surfaces - also called supports - for graphite pencil range from cheap pulp paper for sketching through to a top class heavyweight rag drawing board. The surface you choose will have great bearing upon the final result. Ultimately paper selection comes down to personal preference, as different papers will suit different ways of working. Here are some good choices. Single sheets can be affordable, so try a variety. Especially consider giving boards a try - you might get a pleasant surprise!

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