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The ultimate tool to create your free logo. Try our logo creator today and start your brand! Renderforest Logo Maker allows you to create impressive logos in a matter of minutes. All you have to do is type your brand name and describe the logo you want in 1 or 2 sentences. Choose one of the six available styles, and wait for a second for our AI-based logo maker to create the logo of your dreams. FreeLogoDesign is a free logo maker. Our online design tool allows entrepreneurs, small businesses, freelancers and associations around the world to create professional-looking logos in minutes. Create your own logo design with Free Logo Design, 100% free, fast and effective! Tailor Brands is a free logo maker. You can create your own logo for free and only pay if you love your finished logo design. Our online logo creator helps small business owners, freelancers, start-ups, and entrepreneurs make a logo design that’s both high quality and professional.

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When working with a professional graphic designer, they will send you a variety of image file formats for your logo. At Logo Maker, we provide the exact same files for a fraction of the cost.


In order to access these logo file types, simply save and purchase your finished logo through our Logo Maker. Once you’ve completed this step, you will be able to download your logo image files through your account to use for all of your branding and marketing needs. These image files are yours to keep for as long as you want and to do with what you wish.


Our goal is to make sure that you have the necessary tools to effectively and efficiently market your brand, and image files play an integral role in branding. Not all logo files are created equal; some will only look good on your business website, some will only look good on promotional materials, while others are best for newspaper and print marketing.

We have hand-chosen and curated the best and most widely-used logo file types with the hope that you will never need to hire a graphic designer to procure another image file. Below are the high-quality image files you will receive when you purchase your new logo.

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High-Resolution Logo File Types


This file is a vector version of your logo to be used for large scale and high-resolution print applications like signs, billboards, ads, packaging, mailers, silk-screening, and business cards. To open and change this file, you will need professional design software like Adobe Illustrator. Your print shop can do this.

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This file is a high-quality “bitmap” version of your logo with a white background that is best for use in online applications like websites and email. It will look good on screen, but is not recommended for off-line use or printing. Available in small (150 pixels wide), medium (300 pixels wide), and large (600 pixels wide).

Create High Resolution Logo Free


High Resolution Logo Maker

This file is a second “bitmap” graphic file with a transparent background that is often used in Microsoft Office Applications, as well as websites and other online applications with colored backgrounds. Available in in small (150 pixels wide), medium (300 pixels wide), and large (600 pixels wide).