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LastPass Families FAQs

Here are some answers to common topics about LastPass Families, including subscription details, managing a Family account, joining LastPass Families, and sharing features.

Subscription details

What does LastPass Families include?

LastPass Families includes 6 individual LastPass licenses, where each license (i.e., family member) will enjoy unlimited use of shared folders with other family members on the account, emergency access, and a simple, easy-to-use, Family Manager dashboard where the Family Manager(s) can add or remove family members. Additionally, LastPass Families offers all of the features and tools available in a LastPass Premium account, including access on all devices, save and autofill, Multifactor Authentication, individual item sharing, and much more.

What is the difference between Premium and Families?

LastPass Families includes unlimited shared folders between family members and a simple family dashboard where the family manager(s) can add or remove members. Purchasing Families also gives you access to 6 individual Premium licenses at once.

Is LastPass Families available on all web browsers?

Yes! You can log in to LastPass (using the web browser extension or website) on Chrome, Firefox, Safari, new Edge, Edge, and Opera. Additionally, you can access your LastPass Vault using your iOS or Android device.

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Can I start a trial for LastPass Families before purchasing?

Yes, you can sign up at https://lastpass.com/families/trial.

I already have a LastPass Premium account. What happens if I purchase a LastPass Families account?

The remaining balance left in your LastPass Premium account will be prorated and used toward the purchase of your LastPass Families subscription. Learn more about upgrading from LastPass Premium to LastPass Families.

I already have a LastPass Teams or Enterprise account. Can I join LastPass Families?

Of course! However, you will need to sign up for LastPass Families using an email address that is not already associated with a Teams or Enterprise account. Once your account is set up, you can link your LastPass Families account to your Teams or Enterprise account (unless your admin has enforced a policy restriction that disallows the linking of accounts).

Can I move my Teams or Enterprise account to Families? Will all my shared folders be moved?

Unfortunately no, it is not supported to transfer your Teams or Enterprise users/shared folders to a Families account.

What happens if my LastPass Families subscription expires? Do I lose my data?

When your LastPass Families subscription expires, you will become a LastPass Free user, which means you’ll continue to have access to your Vault (including all of your stored Sites, Secure Notes, Form Fills, etc.). No data will be lost. Shared folders that you created will no longer be shared with others and only you will have access to those items. You will no longer have access to shared folders that were shared with you, but the owner of the shared folder will continue to have access.


Manage a LastPass Families account

How do I add a family member?

You can do so from the Family Manager dashboard, where an email invitation will be sent to the new family member. If they already have a LastPass Free or Premium account, they will receive an activation link so that they can use the same email address to join your LastPass Families account.

Can I add a user who does not have an existing LastPass Free or Premium account?

Yes, if the family member you have invited does not have an existing LastPass Free or Premium account, they will be able to create one from the email invitation that asks them to join your LastPass Families subscription.

Will an existing LastPass user need to manually add their Sites and additional data into the LastPass Families account?

No. When you invite an existing LastPass user (Free or Premium) to join your LastPass Families account, all of their stored Sites, Secure Notes, Form Fills, and settings will be automatically transferred upon joining. Each family members' Vault remains separate from each other.

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As the Family Manager, do I have access to my family members' Vaults?

No, each family member will have their own LastPass account, and they will only have the ability to access their own personal Vault.

As the Family Manager, can I set a password for a family member?

No. Each family member creates their own Master Password, which can only be reset or changed by them.

What is the difference between a Family Manager and family member?

Family members have their own LastPass account, including the ability to create shared folders with other family members and designate emergency access contacts. Family Managers can access the Family Manager dashboard, where they are able to invite and remove new users to the Families account, in addition to all the functionality that family members have.


Can I designate other family members as Family Managers?

Yes, you can select as many family members as you’d like to be Family Managers. At any given point, there must be at least one Family Manager.

I’ve reached my six (6) user limit in my family, can I add more users?

If you remove a user (via the Family Manager dashboard), you will immediately be able to add another family member. However, once you have six (6) family members, you can not pay to add more users to your LastPass Families account. If you require more than six (6) users, please upgrade to our LastPass Teams offering.

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Can I have two (2) LastPass Families subscriptions that share with each other?

You can share individual items with users in another LastPass Families subscription, but you cannot share folders with those users.

Can I leave a LastPass Families account?

Yes, you can remove yourself from a LastPass Families subscription.

Why does my Vault look different than that of my other family members?

We are in the process of rolling out a new look and feel to LastPass Vaults. Some family members may experience this new look while others do not. Stay tuned for a future release where all users will have access to this new user experience.

Join a LastPass Families account

What happens when I accept a LastPass Families invitation?

When you join a new LastPass Families account, your user experience won’t change and your subscription type will update from LastPass Free or Premium user to Family Manager or family member. Learn how to get started as a LastPass Families user.

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If you’re a Family Manager, can access the Family Manager dashboard, which is where you can add and remove family members from your account. Each users' personal Vault and items within it will remain private and separate, unless they choose to create a shared folder to share items with other family members.

I already pay for my own LastPass Premium subscription, will I be refunded?

If you already have a LastPass Premium subscription and you join a LastPass Families account, the prorated length of time left on your Premium subscription will be deducted from your Families purchase price. Learn more about upgrading a LastPass Premium to a LastPass Families account.

Can the Family Manager or other family members see all items stored in my Vault?

No. Your LastPass account is private and unique to you. Only you have access to your Master Password and all of the items in your Vault, unless they are in a shared folder. All items in a shared folder can be viewed by others with access to that folder.

What happens if I leave, or am removed from a LastPass Families account?

When you are removed from a LastPass Families subscription, you will no longer have access to shared folders that were shared with you or the items within those shared folders. Any folders that you shared will no longer be accessible to family members. All passwords, notes, and items in your Vault will remain there, and your account status will revert to a LastPass Free account, unless you upgrade to LastPass Premium. Any emergency access contacts that you set up will remain set up when you leave or are removed from a LastPass Families account.

About shared folders

With LastPass Families, you can create unlimited shared folders between family members. Learn more.

Do I still get a shared folder to share with up to 5 other users as a LastPass Premium user?

Yes, existing LastPass Premium users will maintain all legacy sharing capabilities, including 1 shared folder, however, this feature is no longer offered for new customers.

What happens to items in my shared folder if I leave (or get removed from) a LastPass Families account and become a LastPass Free user?

When you move to a Free account, you’ll no longer have access to the shared folder and users who were invited to that folder will lose access, however those individual items will remain in your personal Vault.

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