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During the install of this on Win7 you'll come to a point where it will ask you if you want to proceed AND ERASE ALL LOCAL PASSWORDS ON YOUR SYSTEM. Figuring, ok, I have BACKUPS, why not then allow my pws to exist on their encrypted server instead? I guess that might be ok, but then after ok'ing it, the installer's next step was to Import my passwords. OK, seems logical, but then the usual green progess bar would just burp at the seeming end and restart itself, over and over, for half an hour. I finally used the Task Manager to break out of the process. Then, logging into the LP site, I can see that my passwords are in their Vault. Good, ok, but because I broke the installer process it never got to the point of installing a Firefox or IE add-on, nor did it erase my non-secured passwords. Without LP running, my Fox still will auto-fill my credentials. I'm not sure how bad that is, but whatever functions the add-ons ADD are not there. I looked around the LP site for add-ons installers but no go. I emailed the LP folks but they're busy with supporting paying users, no reply.Obviously this works well for most, but I just got fed up and uninstalled it. Review details

LastPass provides custom fill-up options such as Email, Password, secure note, generate a strong password, auto-login, and more. Security Microsoft Authenticator app offers Face ID protection on.

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Learn about using LastPass to store and manage your passwords at UC San Diego.

UC San Diego has vetted and tested LastPass enterprise to be our password manager software of choice. No more writing down passwords on a sticky note or keeping a spreadsheet on your desktop!

Lastpass Login Online

LastPass Uses

  1. LastPass 101: Filling a form (00:29). Whether you're signing up for an account on a new website you discovered or you're checking out and need to complete shipping and billing information, LastPass Form Fill saves you time by filling in your contact and payment details for you.
  2. Managing password is very difficult nowadays. Password is very important for everyone for secure life. But, there is so many password which we can't keep in.

You'll want to use your LastPass Enterprise account to manage all your university credentials - for example, Business Systems logins, travel, Office 365 and more.

About LastPass

LastPass securely stores all your usernames and passwords and automatically logs you into your online accounts. Benefits include:

  • A password generator tool to help you create strong, unique passwords for every site
  • Autofill to save you time
  • Protection against forgotten passwords
  • More information can be found at the LastPass website https://www.lastpass.com/

Getting started

In order to use LastPass, you will need to register for an account, install a browser extension on your desktop and download the app to your device(s).


UC San Diego Enterprise accounts

LastPass Enterprise accounts use your Active Directory username as your LastPass username. Upon registering, you'll be provided a temporary password that you'll need to update with a new Master Password.


Lastpass Login Online Account

Start the LastPass registration process (login required)

Linking a personal account

With your Enterprise account, you can also set up a LastPass personal account for your personal credentials such as financial institutions, ecommerce sites and more.

As of April 2021, LastPass is offering a 30-day free trial of LastPass Premium which allows access to LastPass by either a mobile device or a computer (but not both under the free account). During the trial period, you may upgrade your trial personal account to a LastPass Premium personal account at $3/month ($36 per year) for one user. The other option for a LastPass personal account is called “Families” which allows up to 6 users and costs $4/month. A summary of all the features on the personal accounts is available on Pricing by Plan LastPass.

LastPass allows you to link your personal and Enterprise accounts. You'll see your university accounts in one folder and your personal accounts in another folder.


Browser Plug-In


LastPass plug-ins are available for every major browser. LastPass will help you by filling in your usernames and passwords for websites so that you only need to remember your LastPass master password. The plug-in also makes it easy to add new sites to LastPass for safe-keeping. Download and install LastPass yourself.

Smartphone and Tablet App

LastPass supports every major smartphone and tablet including Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile devices. Learn more about LastPass on mobile and download LastPass for your mobile platform.


Lastpass Browser Plugin

How it works - You create a LastPass login secured with a Master Password that will be used to store all of your login credentials.

LastPass employs a 'zero-knowledge' model: all sensitive data is encrypted locally at your device with a key that is never transmitted to the host (LastPass). As such, even under government subpoena, LastPass could ever only turn over an encrypted blob with no key. This serves to protect your data from internal and external threats alike.

Any business account that you use in the workplace can and should be stored in your Enterprise account. We recommend that you do not store any personal information in the Enterprise account, but rather in a separate, personal LastPass account which you can link to your Enterprise account for convenience while still preserving your privacy.

What happens if your account is compromised

LastPass proactively performs daily checks to see if your LastPass account email addresses are on any compromised list for other web services. If a match is found, an email notification is sent to the LastPass user, notifying them of the domain that was breached and the potential risk.

Users can then run the LastPass Security Challenge (login required) to verify if the password for the breached site is used elsewhere. You should then update the password for the affected account, and any other accounts using that password, using LastPass to generate a new, strong password. Learn more about the LastPass security challenge.

What happens if you forget your Master Password

Lastpass Password Generator

Lastpass Login Online

Forgetting your Master Password may actually result in the loss of all credentials stored within. The Service Desk may be able to reset the Master Password, but it is not guaranteed.


this page has a friendly link that's easy to remember: https://blink.ucsd.edu/go/lastpass.