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LastPass Premium costs the same amount for individuals but only $48 for families of up to six. Bitwarden’s free plan has sharing with one other person built in, but if you want to share with. Our award-winning password manager is rated 4.5 stars on the Chrome store with 24,000 reviews. We're all about eliminating the pain and frustration of passwords, so you have peace of mind about your online life and confidence in your digital security.


Recover Your Lost Master Password for LastPass

If your Master Password for LastPass is ever lost or forgotten, there are several account recovery methods to use to restore access to your Vault. If the recovery options below do not allow you to recover your Master Password, you will need to reset your LastPass account (to keep the same username) or create a brand new LastPass account and re-enter all of your data.

Please be aware that LastPass Customer Care has no knowledge of a user's Master Password. It is not possible for LastPass Customer Care to reset or change a user's Master Password if it is forgotten.

Additional resources:

Did you previously set up account recovery using facial recognition or fingerprint identification in the LastPass Password Manager mobile app?

Mobile account recovery allows you to use facial recognition or fingerprint identification (i.e., biometrics) for iOS or Android to reset your Master Password using biometrics if it is ever forgotten.

Using Android

Follow these instructions to reset your Master Password using mobile account recovery via biometrics for the LastPass Password Manager app for Android.

Using iOS - Face ID or Touch ID

Follow these instructions to reset your Master Password using mobile account recovery via biometrics for the LastPass Password Manager app for iOS.

Did you previously set up a Master Password hint/reminder?

If you previously set up a Master Password hint/reminder (either during account creation, when you last changed your Master Password, or by manually entering one into your Account Settings), you can have LastPass send you a clue in a reminder email.

Follow these instructions to reset your Master Password using a hint/reminder.

Have you changed your Master Password within the last 30 days?

You can revert to your previous Master Passwordonly if the change had taken place within the last 30 days. Please note that reverting means that your LastPass Vault will be restored exactly the way it was since the last Master Password change, which may result in data loss (i.e., any new items updated/added since the change will not be recovered).

Follow these instructions to reset your Master Password by reverting to your previous Master Password.

Did you previously set up SMS account recovery?

Using SMS account recovery will trigger the Master Password recovery flow as long as at least one of your browsers has captured a Recovery One Time Password (which is created by logging in to the extension at least once).

Follow these instructions to reset your Master Password using SMS account recovery.

Have you logged in to the LastPass web browser extension at least once from any browser?

Lastpass Password Keeper

Follow these instructions to reset your Master Password using a Recovery One Time Password on any web browser where you have logged in to the LastPass web browser extension at least once.

If you still cannot recover your Master Password using any of the options above...

Unfortunately, the very last and only option available is to Reset Your Account and start over with collecting data (e.g., sites, secure notes, form fill items, creating identities, etc.). This will permanently delete all of your stored encrypted data within your LastPass account, but your account status and some settings will remain untouched.

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It’s already common knowledge how important it is to have strong and unique passwords to be secure online. However, coming up with long keys containing lowercase, uppercase, numbers, and special characters is hard. It's even harder to remember them. Fortunately, we live in a world where password managers are not only pretty common, but they also offer their services for a very reasonable price (or even for free). NordPass and LastPass are two examples of reliable password managers that provide many of their features for free. However, they're still quite different and only one will work best for you.

OverviewAppsAdd-onsData TypesSecurity & PrivacyFree VersionPricingPayment MethodsSupport
Main Features
Free VersionsFree VersionFree Versions
Form Filling
Cloud Syncing
Local Storage
Password Generator
Password Sharing
Import Browser Data
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Export Data
Mobile Apps
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Browser Extensions
Google Chrome
Internet Explorer
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Data Types
Payment Information
Secure Notes
Email Accounts
Wi-Fi Networks
Software Licenses

Lastpass Password Keeper Reviews

Security and Privacy Features
Fingerprint Login
Mobile App Pin Unlock
Two-Factor Authentication
Features of the Free Version
Password Sharing
# CredentialsUnlimitedUnlimited
Pricing Plans
Lifetime License
Price$2.49/mo$2/mo ($24/yr)
Free Trial7 days
Free Version
Money-Back Guarantee30 days
Available Payment Methods
American Express
Wire Transfer
Customer Service
Live Chat
On Call


Created by the company that developed NordVPN, NordPass is a fresh addition to the password manager industry. Don't let its early age deceive you though. Clearly, the team behind NordPass did a good job scouting the competition and came up with a comprehensive password manager, while still offering a very competitive price and even a free plan.


NordPass enables you to divide your entries into three different categories: passwords, personal notes, and credit details. Although it isn't the most varied list in password manager history, NordPass compensates for this with its simplistic interface, which makes scrolling through your data a breeze. There's also a password generator and, if you install the NordPass browser extension, the software will auto-save and auto-fill credentials for you.

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While AES encryption is already secure, NordPass goes a step further by using the novel XChaCha20 which is considered the encryption algorithm of the future, with Google and Cloudflare already using it. The company also features a zero-knowledge architecture, which means that NordPass doesn't even store your password and therefore can't access any information inside your vault.


The best part about NordPass is that it provides all of its features entirely for free, forever. However, to use this password manager on multiple devices simultaneously a paid subscription is necessary, with prices starting at $2.49 per month.

Adding a New Password


With over 16 million users, LastPass is one of the most popular password manager providers on the market. Although it doesn't offer a desktop application, this software comes with many features that go beyond managing passwords. Better still, it provides a free plan that can be used throughout all your devices.

There are various templates to choose from, and LastPass categorizes credentials automatically. If you find that you need a specific template not provided by LastPass, you can create it yourself. In addition to the password generator, this password manager also auto-saves and auto-fills credentials while you browse the internet. On top of that, you can also take advantage of its multi-factor authentication, syncing, and sharing capabilities. All of this is provided entirely for free, even including the ability to store an unlimited number of credentials on an unlimited number of devices.

Adding Credit Card Details


Lastpass Vs Keeper Password

That being said, a premium account comes with its advantages. In addition to letting you share credentials with various people at the same time, LastPass also provides advanced multi-factor options, emergency access, and 1GB of encrypted file storage space. Prices start at $3 per month with annual payments, and you can test the premium version through the 30-day free trial.

Lastpass Password Keeper Instructions


There are some key differences between NordPass and LastPass that mean only one of them will work best for you. Security-wise, NordPass is safer overall. Not only does it not store any information but it also uses a more recent encryption algorithm. However, when it comes to features, especially the ones provided for free, LastPass is the front runner. It doesn't limit you to one device like NordPass and lets you share credentials with other people. Although the NordPass paid subscription is cheaper, LastPass provides the most features including advanced multi-factor options and 1GB of encrypted file storage space. Furthermore, LastPass provides plans designed specifically for businesses while NordPass does not. In the end, NordPass and LastPass are both reliable and secure, and only you will know which one fits your needs best.

Best Password Managers of 2021

Editor's Choice 2021
  • Fantastic security
  • Flexible platform
  • Reasonably priced
  • Easy-to-use
  • Simple, straightforward
  • Flawless data import
  • Built-in VPN
  • Advanced iOS/Android app

  • Simple and straightforward client
  • Categorization of stored credentials
  • Biometric authentication
  • Versatile customer service

Lastpass Password Keeper Tool

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