Lg G7 Miracast

For the LG G7, I have it and have been using Miracast to my TV, or to my monitor, what resolution is this casting at? I can't find any information as to how to check the resolution that is being displayed on the second screen. 1 point 1 year ago. STEP2:スマートフォン・タブレット側の設定メニューで Miracast 接続を行います。AQUOS はスマートフォンやタブレットから Miracast 接続のリクエストを受信すると勝手に Miracast モードに切り替わるので、「STEP1」の操作をしなくても OK です。. Miracast is useful, but its tempermental and has lag, a wired connection would be much more reliable. This was a disappointment, and I hope LG will add the feature back to the G7, if the hardware is compatible, via a firmware update. The G7 is a recent vintage flagship phone.

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  • n6f

have you testes the audio jack with high impedance headphones and activated HIFI DAC?
'Plugging in the headphones brought the volume down significantly - the G7 ThinQ was actually below average in this case which was surprising and means bigger headphones might not be as loud as we would like.'

Lg g7 miracast manual
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  • Nick
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What about wireless charging, the great Quad DAC and FM RADIO?
that should be the most selling points! the price even dropped to 520€ in europe.

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Lg G7 Miracast

LG vs Sony.
what do u thinQ :P
more specifically i wud put it like- LG G7/V40 ThinQ vs Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium/XZ3??
this is the most baffling question that is dragging me back from buying my next smartphone.

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  • rKd

Lg G7 Miracast Manual

Is anyone using LG G7 ThinQ after using LG G6. If yes, please tell if it is good update to LG G7 Thinq. How is the battery life and camera???

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  • Partha
  • s8L

I was going through the reviews by the mobile experts / professors, here in flipkart page. But I am a simple man and I use my mobile phone for my daily needs. Before, I used lots of brands and their expensive models. Lastly, before purchasing this one, I was using LG G4 Dual Sim H818N. And I used it for two years. I was very satisfied during this two years on usage of this great LG G4. I dropped it so many times but nothing happened, build quality is so good. It never hanged up and never gave me any kind of trouble. I am a moderate to heavy user and after using LG G4 for a long period, I became LG's fan.
Recently I was looking for the change of my hands by a new one. I found three options in the market. Asus Zenfone 5z, one+ six and Huawei Nova3/honor10. And I was very confused to select one among these three/four models. Suddenly Honor Play launched under 20K with same processor (Kirin 970). My confusion got more hyped, boosted up. I was just taking my time to take proper decision and was watching market sincerely.
Suddenly LG G7+ ThinQ launched online and I found my right medicine, but I never purchased a mobile phone online before. So I was hesitating to place an order at Flipkart. And was searching when it would be available in shops (offline). Last time I took my phone from 'Limton', Kolkata. Finally, I placed the order at flipkart, taking the name of the God, as I have heard and seen in youtube that wrong phone is getting delivered and like these kinds of frauds. You people won't believe, when I received the material, my heartbeat got faster, after thinking what to see inside! But thanks to Flipkart that I got right material inside with proper packing and it was sealed perfectly. Now I can say someone, that online purchase is safe. Though I had faith on Amazon since long but never ordered any expensive material at Flipkart before.
You will get full specification and review from the experts, so am not going to discuss those parts. As the build quality is superb, you can say the best in class, I decided and finalized G7+ for me. I never judge a phone on its RAM and other specification like megapixels, cores etc. but I always check processor’s make/brand and its clock speed. Camera is superior when glass lens is used with superior sensor. So don’t go on megapixels. LG G4 camera quality is superb so I know G7 won’t disappoint me.
Apple processor is the best in market but it is very expensive. And the older version is of no use, keep all these in mind, I opted for LG G7+ ThinQ. I placed the order on 10th, order shipped on 12th and I received on 14th August, 2018. Last two days am using this phone and am happy. One thing I would like to mention, I found RAM management is poor in LG G4 (2.4 GB occupied in 2.8 GB). In G7 it was 2.8 GB on 10th and today I found 3.8 GB got occupied.
Overall am happy with this phone (G7+ ThinQ) and I know very soon it will capture the market.
Thank you

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I've been a LG fan boy for a long time, but they seriously need to use more recent and bigger camera sensor for their main camera...I still having v20 and the g6, v30, g7 not upgrade for me in terms of camera...If V40 use small sensor again, I will move on to another brand smartphone....

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  • Shree
  • KSf

MiguelDO, 23 Jul 2018I have a LG G6+ for just about 1 year, all was great until 2 weeks back the phone started prom... moreMee also phasing same problem

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  • Manos
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AnonD-609382, 05 Jul 2018Xiaomi copy cat, oppo copy cat, Huawei copy cat but LG and SONY still using their own ideas ... more'The only difference is price.'
What abour S.A.R. Chinese mobile have two to three times higher S.A.R. .
Don't you mind ?

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  • Hasan Mahbub
  • X}L

LG Need for batery power 4,000 mh

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  • Frank Zellphouni
  • Jm$

Anonymous, 11 Jul 2018You do not understand, I repeat, try to play using miracast... it is impossible. Wired conn... moreI am using miracast and playing pubg and it's great, a powerhouse, tv lg n..

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  • kui

Long live notches !

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  • Arjun
  • XS1

Can someone please confirm whether G7 supports both Dolby vision and HDR10 or just HDR10?

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  • MiguelDO
  • GJe

I have a LG G6+ for just about 1 year, all was great until 2 weeks back the phone started prompting me about not recognising the SIM card which led me to believe that the SIM was failing somehow and ordered a replacement SIM. It only took me to check the physical integrity of the SIM when I realised that the SIM tray got broken on 2 parts inside the phone and they are stuck inside, and obviously the phone is useless so it needs repairing. Looking closer and carefully the construction of the SIM tray I realised how flimsy and badly built this piece is. It seems that is made from the cheapest plastic available. This is a dual SIM phone, so I'm using the second SIM slot to lodge a Mini SD memory expansion and I know recall that when inserting the SIM and SD card for the very first time, it looked that the SIM and card fit rather tights within the tray, perhaps adding extra pressure to the already weak piece of plastic tray. Such a bad design and poor choice of materials. When I thought that LG nailed it with the G6+. When talking to LG service support the attribute the issue as a damage caused by user. Comparing to another phone such as an iPhone this tray is a fundamental piece that LG got absolutely wrong. This is my official goodbye to LG mobile products after having the G3 and G6+. What an utter disappointment!

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  • Jagan
  • d%E

I don't understand what is the fu*king problem of LG. Why can't they give 4000 mah batteries for their flagships like Huawei does?

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  • Anonymous
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Roman , 04 Jul 2018G7 is the worst flagship you can buy, any current high end phone like-P20 Pro, S9, even OnePlu... moreNot exactly the worst. It's more like the phone that is impossible to go wrong with. It has the bits and pieces of other flagship devices with LG's flavouring in there. It has shock resistance, IP68, expandable storage, QHD+, Bluetooth 5, wireless charging, LCD = no burn in, etc.

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  • XH1

Anonymous, 13 Jul 2018I do not care if they had time to change production. Important for me is why did they bother a... morePerhaps for the V40. They did state that they wanted to get rid of all the bezels like Samsung said it wanted to. Not to mention, the notch isn't nice looking to us, but to three majority, it's fine for some reason.

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  • Anonymous
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Anonymous, 13 Jul 2018I do not care if they had time to change production. Important for me is why did they bother a... moreCould be for their G8/V50 line next year. Lets hope they do remove it.

How To Use Lg Miracast

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  • Kress
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Icons still ugly, just like in G5, which I had 2 years ago. And DAC remains, not like in G6.

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  • Anonymous
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Walter C. Dornez, 07 Jul 2018They literally asked that a month before the phone was launched. You think they had time to ch... moreI do not care if they had time to change production. Important for me is why did they bother asking so late and release it anyway smartguy???

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Lg G7 Miracast Specs

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Anonymous, 11 Jul 2018You do not understand, I repeat, try to play using miracast... it is impossible. Wired conn... moremaybe video and gaming quality wise not that high as HDMI but negligible difference. Still wired connections is awkward. Unless your phone has a dedicated HDMI port then you cannot charge your phone while playing games or watching videos. Just saying.

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Lg G7 Miracast Review

Lg G7 One Miracast