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  • In September 2018, Riot Games launched a new series of ads on YouTube for League of Legends including one featuring Ki and former OfflineTV member Albert Chang titled 'LilyPichu and Sleightlymusical: Duo.' Ki was the 5th most watched female Twitch streamer in 2020. In late 2020, Ki appeared in an advertisement for 5 Gum.

Twitch streamers often deal with all sorts of people who come by their streams to watch and interact. While many have positive experiences with their viewers and fans, there are always going to be those who don't respect the boundaries put up by those who create content.

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LilyPichu is a popular Twitch streamer with a good following of viewers that enjoy her content. She has streamed a multitude of games ranging from League of Legends to Minecraft. Her popularity, however, has led to her facing difficulties with a stalker.

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This isn't the first time LilyPichu has dealt with harassment through Twitch with her also dealing with a slew of racist attacks back in January. Instead of a large group of people this time however, LilyPichu's newest trouble is seemingly from a single person.

The identity of LilyPichu's stalker is unknown, but he is adamant enough in his harassment toward the streamer that he has apparently created multiple accounts to evade being blocked from the channel. This stalker has been flooding both the streamer's chat and email inbox with endless messages with Twitch not seeming to do anything about it at all. The streamer, however, has stated that: 'It’s not a big deal because he’s writing the same s**t every time. At this point it’s boring.'


LilyPichu has talked about the situation on stream with her frustration over Twitch not IP banning the person responsible. In fact, Twitch representatives specifically stated that they cannot perform IP bans for the stalker. She did also explain how changing her streams to be sub-only chat would help fix the problem, but she doesn't want to put her chat behind a paywall for the rest of her viewers.

Unfortunately, many women streaming on Twitch have been victims of harassment and stalking. Another popular streamer Valkyrae also recently had to deal with a stalking situation on Twitter with the perpetrator making hundreds of accounts to evade blocking. Some of these cases get very dangerous for some streamers such as with streamer JadeyAnh, who had her address discovered by her stalker on stream.

It is unknown if Twitch will take any action against LilyPichu's stalker to prevent him from further contacting the streamer. Many are hoping for better action to be taken, not just for LilyPichu's sake, but also for the sake of many other streamers that have been victims of targeted harassment on the streaming platform. Hopefully the situation will be resolved soon with the platform being made a safer place for all users afterward.

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After taking a day's break from streaming on Twitch, OfflineTV member LilyPichu is hit with racist remarks from some viewers who were upset that they might miss out on the Rust drops.

Receiving in-game item drops by watching Twitch streams is a new feature that started on January 7th following Rust's surge in popularity. The current items are available until January 14th, though it's expected that Rust will put a new set of items in rotation afterward. To earn these items in-game, players need to simply watch a stream with the Drops Enabled tag after connecting their Twitch and Rust accounts. Some items are personalized for some Twitch streamers; for example, players can get Pokimane's garage door by watching one of her Ruststreams for 4 hours.

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LilyPichu, another member of the OfflineTV house playing Rust, also has a personalized item: a LilyPichu jacket that players can earn by watching her for 2 hours. On the Rust website, it states 4 hours are required, by Lily dropped the hours because she streams less often than others, she explained on Twitter. Despite the consideration for her fans, however, some viewers still lashed out at her for taking a day off of streaming, and others even made racist comments out of anger.

also just to be clear i'm not that upset, i just found some of the msgs i've received so absurd, to the point of comedy! 99.99% of people will always be super kind and welcoming and awesome! have a great night. i promise i'll stream more the next 3 days!

— lily (@LilyPichu) January 12, 2021

The content creator took to Twitter to show some messages she's received both publicly and privately and explained that some viewers attempted to harass her mods into getting her back to playing Rust on Twitch. '[I] wanted to say now that i can that your a trash person for asking your mods to ban people asking about twitch drops,' one toxic viewer said, 'Im going to dance on your grave someday you filth get off my game.'

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Another viewer took a more racially-charged approach to get a rise, calling LilyPichu a 'chineese coronavirus piece of ****,' an all too common racist comment heard by many Asian-Americans following the Covid-19 pandemic. They also told her to go back to her 'communist' country, ignorant of the fact that LilyPichu comes from a Korean heritage and was born in California. But despite receiving several of these absurd messages, Lily explains that she's not upset and takes it as a form of comedy because so many of her followers are more welcoming and kind.

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LilyPichu also points out that, to earn her jacket or any other Rust items, such as Jacksepticeye's storage container, viewers can leave the stream open and walk away from it, as they don't need to interact with the stream in any way to earn the in-game rewards.

Rust is out now for PC, with console ports currently in development.

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