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To all the employees, (Company Name) announces the forthcoming employee monitoring process. Starting next Monday, Employee Performance Monitoring Software will be installed on every company computer. The purpose is to measure and employees’ attendance and enhance performance. INTEROFFICE MEMORANDUM TO: ALL EMPLOYEES FROM: TIMO PEREZ SUBJECT: QUARTERLY REVENUE COMPARISON DATE: OCTOBER 20, 2017 Revenue figures for the third quarter have been compiled. I would like to thank everyone for helping our fitness center realize an increase revenue during the third quarter. Below are a table and chart that show a revenue comparison for the last two quarter.

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Memo To All Employees

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Memo To All Employees

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Letters to employees are letters written to individuals who work for an organization or for another person. If you are an employer or manage a group of employees, the chances are that you will have to write to the employees at some point. It could be an introduction letter to introduce a new product or service to salespersons, a rejection letter to turn down an employee's request for a promotion, or a thank-you letter to thank an employee for his/her hard work. You could also write a termination letter to fire an employee for his/her poor performance. Whatever the reason for your writing, the letter must be formal and professional.
All letters to employees must be addressed with the proper names of the recipients. But if your message is intended for all employees in general, you can address your letter as 'To all employees'. State the purpose of the letter. Convey your message briefly but clearly, highlighting all the important details. If the issue that you are writing about requires further explanation, make sure to offer your explanation in a way that the recipient can easily understand. Wrap it up with a positive note or a call to action.