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MissBehavin is a popular Twitch star whose Twitch account has been banned after accidentally streaming content meant Only for her Fans. She has an OnlyFans profile where she posts her pictures and gets paid for that. For the explanation, she posted a tweet saying that it was an accident.

She is a streamer and a Twitch star who is also a famed social media personality having a large number of followers. That was the first ban for MissBehavin for extreme adult content. The ban is for three days but can get increased too. Here are 10 facts about MissBehavin that you should know.

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10 Facts About MissBehavin

Missbehavin Official Ban

  1. MissBehavin is a popular Twitch star and a social media personality whose Twitch profile got banned. The ban is for three days but can get increased too.
  2. Why Was MissBehavinofficial Banned? She accidentally started streaming content that was meant for OnlyFans. In the streaming session, there was extreme adult content for which she was banned.
  3. Furthermore, MissBehavin has a Twitch bio with huge numbers of followers which can not be viewed due to the ban.
  4. How old is MissBehavin? Well, we are yet to obtain the information on her current age and her birthplace.
  5. A Twitch star, MissBehavin has not revealed her real name yet but we hope that she soon reveals her real name leaving us in no suspense.
  6. The social media personality, MissBehavin has not given any informational details on her boyfriend or her dating life.
  7. MissBehavin has an Instagram profile where she has 16.7 k followers. She posts her gorgeous photos that receive many positive responses.
  8. She is on Twitter too with 3,376 followers and has posted more than 1 k tweets.
  9. MissBehavin has not revealed her educational background, however, she seems to be well-educated.
  10. She is a beautiful lady with perfect height and weight.