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Misfire may refer to:

Msfiiire Instagram

  • Misfire (Transformers), the Transformers character
  • Misfire (That '70s Show), an episode from That '70s Show
  • Misfiring behavior, in biology
  • An engine misfire, see engine knocking
  • A song on Queen's album Sheer Heart Attack
  • A malfunctionedcartridge that fails to discharge at all (dud), doesn't discharge promptly (hang fire), or only partially discharges (squib load) when being shot from a firearm.
  • A muzzleloader that does not fire when the trigger is squeezed.
  • Twitch @Msfiiire.
  • My New Instagram Is AmberMsfiiire華 Sorry. Unless you’ve got a time machine, that content is unavailable.

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