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From health orders online to dental and hygiene habits that protect you and your family. MyHealth Memos has you covered through our simple intuitive app.

Android Memo Backup

Bill Pay Reminders

My Mimosa Vs Your Mimosa

Memos, especially business memos, need to follow a very specific format. Starting from a header, subject and recipients, opening summary, discussion points, action points and ending with a closing statement. Easily format your memo by using Canva’s text tools.

Get reminded to pay a medicare, family insurance or health bill on time.

  1. You can restore your lost memo through backup that you have created. You have to select a data file that you want to restore from backup list. Then you have to click on Find file button at the bottom and after that, choose the files manually. Now, choose Memo item and tap on Restore button.
  2. It appears something has changed regarding how iTunes synchronizes Voice Memos with an iPhone in 10.2.2 because the tedious method I mapped below no longer works properly. I had to switch to managing music manually and delete all Voice Memos from my phone manually via iTunes. Then, changed back from manual manage and synched.
  3. My Memos is a simple note-taking app that provides a colorful way to store your important thoughts Note: All in-app purchases are optional and are to support development. All features of this app.

Hygiene Notes

Remind yourself to floss, brush your teeth, drink more water and exercise.

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Pickups & Deliveries


Get reminded to pick up, order and delivery dates of medical supplies and products.

MemosMy memos are gone

Learn more on how to get the most of MyHealth Memos with our online guides where we cover insurance billing systems.

Change The Colors Of My Memos Phone

Take advantage of direct links within the app to not only remind you of a bill, but also to direct you to the official source for payment.