Peach Drawing

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Peach Drawing Easy

Artist: Dawn
Date Added: September 10, 2010
Steps: 7
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Tags: how to draw mario characters, draw mario characters, how to draw characters from mario
Description: Hey everyone, how is it going on this fine Friday? Yesterday I was supposed to submit some other lessons that had been sitting in my folder for a couple of days, but I left for a while and didn’t come back. Anyway, I will start where I left off and, submit another game character from the Mario game series. I will be teaching you guys 'how to draw Peach', step by step. I already have a lesson on Princess Peach which means I will not get into the nitty gritty on her character since I already did so. To me, Peach has always been a side character even though the game series based a lot of Mario’s adventures on her troubles. There are many versions of Peach, but the one I like the best is the older, more mature image of her. I drew her out to look very happy, cheery, and glad to see you. The lesson itself should be relatively easy to tackle because she is not a complex character to draw. Her design was very simple, as was a lot of the first main Mario characters where. This tutorial should be a fun journey as you 'draw Peach', and make sure that you add some of your personal touches too so you have a sketch that is unique. Maybe add a background or her Kingdom friends. I have to bounce out of here because I want to get the other lessons uploaded as fast as possible. Stick around to see what they are, I mean you don’t want to miss some really cool tutorials coming your way. Peace out people, and have fun!

Peach Drawing Realistic

Peach DrawingPeach drawing cute
Artist: Dawn
Date Added: September 9, 2009
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Tags: how to draw chibi, draw chibi, how to a chibi, draw chibis, how to draw a chibi, how to draw chibis, draw chibi people, draw a chibi, drawing chibis, drawing a chibi, draw a chibi boy
Description: Here it is the fruit you have all been waiting for, a peach. This is just not any peach though, I will be giving you an online drawing lesson on “how to draw a peach chibi step by step”. I decided to draw the peach because the apple came out so awesome and it was full of cuteness. This chibi peach is the same, and even though it is insanely cute, you still have that urge to take a bite out of it. Maybe it’s because this fruit looks SO sweet. Anyway this is a very, very easy lesson, and you should absolutely no problem drawing it perfectly. All you have to do is follow the simple steps and read the detailed instructions. I did have fun with this chibi fruit because it reminded me of going to the store and buying a peach that looks just like the one I have drawn; sweet, plump and soft. That is all I have for you guys today, meet me back here on DragoArt.com tomorrow for some new free online drawing tutorials that you will be sure to love. I may still have a chibi or two tomorrow as well, but I promise that is the max. Okay, peace out folks and have fun learning “how to draw a peach chibi step by step”. Happy drawing boys and girls!