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Attract listeners with a high-quality album art design that stands out among the crowd and gives your podcast the look that you’re going for, whatever that may be…

That means your podcast logo has to be square, and it needs to be between 1400 x 1400 and 3000 x 3000 pixels in size. The closer you are to 3000 x 3000, the better. You’re less likely to have to update your image for the future if the specs change again, and your image will be better quality. Canva’s logo maker and editor is made for non-designers: Simply drag and drop. When you’re finished, you can download your new logo—or print it on business cards, letterheads and more. The options are endless. How to make a logo.

  • credible
  • entertaining
  • interesting
  • up-to-date
  • inspiring
  • insightful
  • educational
  • comedic
  • genuine
  • knowledgeable
  • friendly
  • edgy
  • introspective

The process is simple; You tell us what you want, need and envision for your design… we create a mockup or two… you tell us if we’re going in the right direction and/or if you want changes… we make the changes and you get to start making a difference in the world.

Podcast Cover Art Generator

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Mike Mulcahy and his talented team have been offering high-quality, affordable podcast album art designs since 2005! Just ask Dave Jackson, Paul Colligan, Gary Leland, Mignon Fogarty and others! We’re proud to have worked with some of the original and best leaders in podcasting and to continue to serve the amazing podcast community. Contact us today for your graphic design and website needs!

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Podcast Logo Maker

Simply let us know the name of your podcast and any other text and/or graphics you would like in your design, as well as any ideas you have as far as the color scheme, fonts, layout, etc. and we will create 1-2 mockups for you to review. You may then request up to 4 revisions to one of the concepts. Revisions include small changes to fonts, colors, text, and icons. The final files will be delivered as a 3000x3000px (iTunes min: 1400×1400, max: 3000×3000) jpg image that you may use in iTunes and wherever else you like.

How to Make Your Podcast Logo Stand Out from the Competition

Study the Competition
Podcast The world's most memorable logos are practical and outstanding. Your podcast logo should feature distinct graphic elements if you want it to join the iconic league. How can you pick unique visual elements for your signature design? It's relatively easy! You should study your competitor's logo. Afterward, choose the features that are distinctive from all but convey your brand’s persona. Also, remember you’re designing for your fans and not for your interests. Hence, creating a buyer’s persona and finding out what resonates with them. Podcast
Find the Right Font
Typography affects moods, style, and emotions. What personality do you want your fans to associate with your podcast logo? Are you looking to sound funny, official, educational, or relaxing? You can find fonts to translate these feelings. A readable and blocky font is suitable for representing a podcast brand that focuses on serious, challenging, and vital topics affecting the masses. You can choose among sans–serif, serif, slab, and decorative font. Yet, any typeface you pick should be readable and align with your unique voice.

Podcast Logo Maker Free

Find the Right Colors
You can use colors to express your voice. You have a lot of colors to pick for your podcast logo design. But don’t let the unlimited color choices to cloud your purpose. So choose wisely and stick to a maximum of two. Black, blue, green, and orange are suitable colors for a podcast emblem. For instance, black conveys maturity, and it's ideal for a business podcast. For health and sports podcasts, green is a perfect fit. In contrast, orange is best for education podcasts. Whatever the color scheme, it should speak of your brand's charisma.
Find the Right Layout

Best Podcast Logos

The layout for your podcast logo design is crucial. It can hinder your promotional effort. So, it pays to consider the various marketing channels to reach out to your targeted fans. As a web-based service, your fans would interact with your podcast emblem online. With this in mind, your design layout should be clean and scalable on all advertising space regardless of the surface area.
Find the Right Symbol
Podcast logo maker Symbols are excellent means to convey instant messages. They are so powerful they don’t need texts to send a coherent message. Yet, they are optional in the podcast logo. However, if you want to use them, then listen up! Avoid using microphones and headphones; people overused them. You can explore and use a rare image that offers a unique personality to your podcast logo design. Some icons you can use subtly are rainbows, stars, clocks, brain, etc. Again, the icon you pick should align with the other graphic elements.