Realistic Tree Drawing

In this tutorial I will show you how to draw a pine tree. This is conifer plant, but if you try to draw each a needle, then you will take a week for nothing. This way you can draw a sprig of pine cones. No more. Whole tree on paper simply will not fit. Besides needle distance it is still not visible.

Realistic Tree Drawing Easy

The human eye sees only the contours. But the pine is different from deciduous trees. Below I will tell you why:

How to draw realistic pine trees step by step


Realistic Tree Drawing Simple

For trees with big leaves, like a banana tree, first draw a study of the leaves from different angles. Make sure there is no symmetry, and that each leaf is unique, for a realistic result. You can use markers; they work well with pens. Start with a basic trunk and a few bits of branch. Notice the angle of the branches is slightly upward. Branches on trees grow up and out — think of them as reaching toward the sunshine. Do not use a ruler for this process. A natural, organic tree will have lumps, curves and inconsistencies.

Step one. I draw a tree trunk. Downstairs at the root of it is wider, and the top becomes narrow and disappears. Circle indicates the place where the leaves are.

Step Two. From a distance, it will not see any needles or leaves. But the conifer vegetation is similar to the green clouds. I draw clouds.


Step Three. I draw thin branches of pine trees.

Step Four. If you add a shadow to be even more beautiful:

I have done to you even drawing lessons of other trees. Try:

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  2. An oak tree;
  3. Forest;
  4. Leaf;
  5. Branches;
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