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Thank you to all in this thread, and especially to wiglebot.
I was able to open the very first video I loaded into Reaper (tried that for the first time about half an hour ago), but then could not get any others to open.
All of the videos that would not open were .MP4, but the one that I got to open separately was an .MP4 that I had imported, edited, and then exported as an AVI.
It does not make sense to me that it would open one of the formats listed in the 'Video Decoder Priority' box in 'Preferences-Media-Video/REX/Misc', but would not open another format listed in the same box.
But, sure enough, when I clicked 'Show Available Decoder Information' just above the 'Video Decoder Priority' box, I got some sort of error message, telling me - once again, bizarrely, to me - that I needed one of the previous versions of VLC.
So, I uninstalled the current version of VLC and downloaded the one suggested in Reaper, and it works!
Many thanks, once again. I would never have been able to solve this.

Reaper Mp4 Converter

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