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★ Rectangle in Japanese is 長四角 (ながしかく – nagashikaku). ★ 長い means “long” and 四角 means “square” so 長四角 is like a long square. ★ Another Japanese word for rectangle that is also often used is: 長方形 (ちょうほうけい – chōhōkei). Jun 25, 2019 The Rectangle in Classical Technical Analysis. The rectangle formation is an example of a 'price pattern' in technical analysis.Price patterns derive from the work of Richard Schabaker. English Shapes Names: List of Geometric Shapes There are shapes that we use in almost every aspect of our lives. Some of them; Trapezoid Rectangle Octagon Polygon Abstract Leaf Star Crescent Drop Arrow Cross Bell Club Spade Heart Diamond Cylinder Cone Pyramid Cube Sphere Rectangle Circle Oval Triangle Parallelogram Trapezium Hexagon Rhombus Pentagon Shapes, appear in every period of our lives. Rectangle translation in English-Finnish dictionary. En The relative positions of the R point and the H point and the relationship between the design seat-back angle and the actual seat-back angle shall be considered to be satisfactory for the seating position in question if the H point, as defined by its coordinates, lies within a longitudinal rectangle whose horizontal and vertical sides are.



Stores a set of four integers that represent the location and size of a rectangle.




The following example draws a rectangle with its upper-left corner at (10, 10). The rectangle has a width of 100 and a height of 50. The second argument passed to the Pen constructor indicates that the pen width is 5 pixels.

When the rectangle is drawn, the pen is centered on the rectangle's boundary. Because the pen width is 5, the sides of the rectangle are drawn 5 pixels wide, such that 1 pixel is drawn on the boundary itself, 2 pixels are drawn on the inside, and 2 pixels are drawn on the outside. For more details on pen alignment, see How to: Set Pen Width and Alignment.

The following illustration shows the resulting rectangle. The dotted lines show where the rectangle would have been drawn if the pen width had been one pixel. The enlarged view of the upper-left corner of the rectangle shows that the thick black lines are centered on those dotted lines.

The example is designed for use with Windows Forms, and it requires PaintEventArgse, which is a parameter of the Paint event handler.


A rectangle is defined by its Width, Height, and upper-left corner represented by the Location property.

To draw rectangles, you need a Graphics object and a Pen object. The Graphics object provides the DrawRectangle method, and the Pen object stores features of the line, such as color and width. The units the rectangle is drawn in is determined by the PageUnit and PageScale properties of the graphics object used for drawing. The default unit is pixels.

To draw a Rectangle filled with color, you need a Graphics object and an object derived from Brush such as SolidBrush or LinearGradientBrush. The Graphics object provides the FillRectangle method and the Brush object provides the color and fill information.

For more advanced shapes, use a Region object.

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Rectangle(Int32, Int32, Int32, Int32)

Initializes a new instance of the Rectangle class with the specified location and size.

Rectangle(Point, Size)

Initializes a new instance of the Rectangle class with the specified location and size.



Represents a Rectangle structure with its properties left uninitialized.


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Gets the y-coordinate that is the sum of the Y and Height property values of this Rectangle structure.


Gets or sets the height of this Rectangle structure.


Tests whether all numeric properties of this Rectangle have values of zero.


Gets the x-coordinate of the left edge of this Rectangle structure.


Gets or sets the coordinates of the upper-left corner of this Rectangle structure.


Gets the x-coordinate that is the sum of X and Width property values of this Rectangle structure.


Gets or sets the size of this Rectangle.


Gets the y-coordinate of the top edge of this Rectangle structure.


Gets or sets the width of this Rectangle structure.


Gets or sets the x-coordinate of the upper-left corner of this Rectangle structure.


Gets or sets the y-coordinate of the upper-left corner of this Rectangle structure.



Converts the specified RectangleF structure to a Rectangle structure by rounding the RectangleF values to the next higher integer values.

Contains(Int32, Int32)

Determines if the specified point is contained within this Rectangle structure.


Determines if the specified point is contained within this Rectangle structure.


Determines if the rectangular region represented by rect is entirely contained within this Rectangle structure.


Tests whether obj is a Rectangle structure with the same location and size of this Rectangle structure.


Indicates whether the current object is equal to another object of the same type.

FromLTRB(Int32, Int32, Int32, Int32)

Creates a Rectangle structure with the specified edge locations.


Returns the hash code for this Rectangle structure. For information about the use of hash codes, see GetHashCode() .

Inflate(Int32, Int32)

Enlarges this Rectangle by the specified amount.

Inflate(Rectangle, Int32, Int32)

Creates and returns an enlarged copy of the specified Rectangle structure. The copy is enlarged by the specified amount. The original Rectangle structure remains unmodified.


Enlarges this Rectangle by the specified amount.


Replaces this Rectangle with the intersection of itself and the specified Rectangle.

Intersect(Rectangle, Rectangle)

Returns a third Rectangle structure that represents the intersection of two other Rectangle structures. If there is no intersection, an empty Rectangle is returned.


Determines if this rectangle intersects with rect.

Offset(Int32, Int32)

Adjusts the location of this rectangle by the specified amount.


Adjusts the location of this rectangle by the specified amount.


Converts the specified RectangleF to a Rectangle by rounding the RectangleF values to the nearest integer values.


Converts the attributes of this Rectangle to a human-readable string.


Converts the specified RectangleF to a Rectangle by truncating the RectangleF values.

Union(Rectangle, Rectangle)

Gets a Rectangle structure that contains the union of two Rectangle structures.


Equality(Rectangle, Rectangle)

Tests whether two Rectangle structures have equal location and size.

Inequality(Rectangle, Rectangle)

Tests whether two Rectangle structures differ in location or size.

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Rectangle Pronunciation In English

Lerectangleàgauche servira de zone de navigation tandis que celui de droite servira de support [...]
The rectangle to the left will be used as a navigational area, while the rectangle to the right will [...]
Vous pouvez utiliser lerectangleblanc en haut [...]
de chaque page pour rechercher des mots sur chaque page.
You can use the little box at the top [...]
of all the page on the site to find what you are looking for.
Les anneaux peuvent se présenter sous différentes formes, les plus courants étant
[...] ceux en forme de cercle, derectangleet de D.
The rings can have different shapes, the most popular
[...] ones being round, rectangular or D-shaped.
[...] afin de former unrectangle(plutôt que d'avoir [...]
recours au retour à la ligne).
[...] forms a rectangle (instead of wrapping).
Dans les épreuves de six-jours, l'organisateur peut imposer des maillots avec la publicité de son
choix, tout en offrant au sponsor du coureur la possibilité
[...] d'y figurer dans unrectangled'une hauteur maximum [...]
In six-day races, the organiser may impose jerseys with the
advertisement of his choice, while allowing the rider's sponsor to
[...] place its name in a rectangle of maximum 6 cm in height.
[...] symétrie de l'espace, unrectangledans lequel l'accès [...]
est privé de barrière, pour obtenir
une continuité externe/interne et accentuer la vue en perspective du stand.
[...] symmetrical space system, a rectangle to which the entrance [...]
is free of any visible barriers to
obtain a 'continuum' between the outside/inside and to highlight the perspective view of the stand.
Une vingtaine de figures imposées sont à réaliser aux trois allures (pas,
[...] trot, galop) sur unrectanglede 60m x 20m.
About twenty designed movements need to be realized in the three paces (walk,
[...] trot and canter) on a rectangle of 60m x 20m.
On peut associer auRectangleun attribut de [...]
A Rectangle can have assigned to it an [...]
Placez unrectangleautour de tout [...]
ce qui concerne les choses auxquelles vous accordez de la valeur, ou qui sont importantes selon vous.
Put a rectangle around anything relating [...]
le signe distinctif de l'État membre délivrant la carte,
[...] imprimé en négatif dans unrectanglebleu et entouré de douze [...]
étoiles jaunes; les signes distinctifs sont les suivants
Member State issuing the card, printed
[...] in negative in a blue rectangle and encircled by twelve yellow [...]
Si le prix ouvert est supérieur au prix de fermeture, lerectangleentre le prix ouvert et le prix fermé sera en gris.
Principals take one side of a position, hoping to earn a spread (profit) by closing out the position in a subsequent trade with another party.
Finalement, le buteur se retrouve seul dans lerectangle,il dépasse le gardien et s'apprête à envoyer le ballon dans les filets lorsque, tout à coup, le capitaine s'écrie «stop, reviens et ramène [...]
Finally the striker is alone in the box, he passes the goalkeeper and he is just about to put the ball into the empty goal when suddenly the coach shouts 'stop, turn round and bring the ball back'!
Lerectanglerouge représente l'enceinte [...]
: une unité de base seule ou une unité de base avec une ou deux unité(s) d'extension reliée(s).
The red rectangle represents the line [...]
array: a base unit only, or a base unit with one or two extension units attached.
Cette opération doit être effectuée en déplaçant le pointeur de la souris au-dessus de l'un des côtés
[...] étirables durectangled'encombrement.
The operation is performed by positioning the mouse pointer on
[...] the side of the inset box you want to [...]
constitué par la lettre capitale «M» et les deux derniers chiffres de l'année de son
[...] apposition, entourés d'unrectangle.
The supplementary metrology marking consists of the capital letter 'M' and the last two digits of the year of its
[...] affixing, surrounded by a rectangle.
Unrectanglerouge indique que la séquence [...]
Ared rectangle indicates that the [...]
Unrectangled'or se dégage du centre du [...]
A golden rectangle emerges from the centre [...]
[...] d'une ligne, d'unrectangle,d'un cercle ou [...]
même d'un secteur sur la surface d'un cylindre.
[...] dot, a line, a rectangular or circular area [...]
and may even be a circular band on the surface of a cylinder.
Le résultat obtenu sera unrectangle,dont la longueur du [...]
côté court du drapeau (la largeur ou le guindant) et un sixième
The end result will be a rectangle, the length of the [...]
flag's short side (the width or the hoist) and one sixth of the flag's long dimension (the fly).
[...] l'action indiquée dans unrectangleet suivre la flèche.
[...] action which is in a rectangle and follow the arrow.
[...] de la taille d'unrectanglede 12 cm de hauteur [...]
par 15 cm de largeur.
[...] a stamp, make it a rectangle 12 cm high and 15 [...]
cm across.
L'entrée, unrectanglede bonne dimension, distribue [...]
en face la réception et la salle à manger, à droite l'office et la
cuisine, et à gauche, les chambres et les salles d'eau.
The good-sized, rectangular hallway leads directly [...]
into the lounge and dining room, right to the pantry and the kitchen,
L'année 2005 aura été l'année de l'adoption de formats plus grands et donc plus impactants, comme la
[...] méga-bannière ou lerectangle.
The year 2005 was a year characterised by adoption of larger formats, which therefore have a stronger impact, such as
[...] the mega banner or the rectangle.
Lerectangleen bronze prend place sur une [...]
base de marbre avec des lettres stylisées dun côté et une antenne de diffusion de lautre côté.
The bronze rectangle is set on a marble [...]
base with stylized type-font letters on one side and broadcasting antenna on the other.
[...] hyperlien à unrectangleinteractif.
[...] will add a hyperlink to a rectangle.
[...] s'emboîte dans lerectangled'or et sa pointe [...]
maintient l'oeuf en son sein même.
[...] fits into the golden rectangle and its tip holds [...]
the egg within it.
[...] deux rectangles, à l'instar de l'image, tracés avec l'outilRectangledans la barre d'outils.
[...] insert two rectangles like shown in the picture below by using the rectangle tool from the tool bar.
électrohydraulique prend peu de place puisque le module numérique
[...] est représenté par unrectangleà18 (34) connexions.
Therefore the digital switching circuit does not need much space in the
[...] [...] digital module as a rectangle with a total number [...]
of 18 (34) connections.