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Here’s how to connect the Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S8+ to your TV, monitor or projector, letting you enjoy videos, games and more on the biggest screen in the room. We’ll cover both wired and wireless methods here, starting with our top choice and moving onto a few alternatives.


How to set up screen mirroring on 2018 LG TVs These days, a lot of our content is captured and stored on our smartphones. Thankfully, it's easy to share content among our smart devices. If you can't connect your phone or tablet to a TV wirelessly, you can still screen mirror using a DeX cable or a USB-C to HDMI cable. Just connect the cable to your TV. On some models, it may start screen mirroring automatically. Other times, you may need to swipe down from the top of your device's screen to open the Notification panel. LG TVs are equipped with innovative features that make it easy to share screen and display content between your external devices like your PC, tablet, smartphone and more. There are multiple ways to connect and they all depend on your network connectivity and the type of device you wish to share. Jan 14, 2019 The Galaxy S8 and S8+ comes with a native option to mirror your screen to a TV. However, you do need to have a smart (wifi-enabled) TV to do it. This is what you need to do: 1.

1. Use an Official Samsung USB-C to HDMI Adapter

Connect your USB-C smartphone to your HDMI television or monitor with the official Samsung USB-C to HDMI Adapter. With a compatible smartphone, you can enjoy videos, photos and even games on the big screen.

2. Use a USB-C to HDMI adapter

Samsung’s phone is one of the first that is confirmed to actually work with USB-C to HDMI adapters, which have previously been used almost exclusively with computers like the MacBook. Just connect your phone to the adapter via USB-C, then run a HDMI cable between your TV and the adapter. Once it’s plugged in and you’re on the right HDMI input on your TV, you should see your phone’s display mirrored on your TV. Best of all, this works at up to 4K resolution at 60Hz!

S8 Screen Share Lg Tv With Iphone

3. Use Samsung’s DeX dock

DeX is a desktop dock with a difference — as well as serving as a stand and charger for your phone, it also allows you to connect peripherals like monitors, keyboards and mice so you can get some proper work done on your phone, using it just like a PC. That means the DeX dock will also work if you want to connect your phone to your TV, so don’t be afraid to give it a try!

4. Use Miracast for a wireless connection

Samsung’s Galaxy S8 supports Miracast, allowing you to stream to compatible Smart TVs without needing to use a cable. That’s a little more convenient, but you’ll be limited to 1080p resolutions at 30 frames per second (versus 4K / 60 fps for a wired connection). To get personalised instructions for your TV, search for the name of your TV model in Google, plus the term ‘Miracast’ or ‘screen mirroring’. Good luck!

5. Stream using a Google Chromecast

S8 screen share lg tv with iphone

Google’s Chromecast remains one of the easiest ways to stream videos or mirror your phone’s display to your TV. Just plug this HDMI dongle into the back of your TV, install the Google Home app on your phone, and set up your Chromecast. Once it’s ready, you need only select the cast symbol in compatible apps to start streaming. Once streaming has started, you can control playback from inside the app itself. You can also mirror your display by using the Google Home app.

Wrapping up

With these four methods, you should be completely equipped to connect your Galaxy S8 to your TV in the way that’s most convenient for you. If you found this helpful or you have any further questions, let us know in the comments below or write to us on Twitter @mobilefun!

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Casting your Android device’s screen on television right next to you is worthwhile when you want to share a video or a movie, show off some photos, or play your favorite mobile game. These days, a lot of our photos, videos, games, and office/schoolwork documents are stored on our smartphones; luckily, we can now share these on our LG TV at home, office or school. This will let you mirror anything you do on your phone to your the TV until you turn off the casting process. To connect Android to LG TV, you may refer on this article to assist you.

How to Connect Android to LG TV

Connect Android to LG TV with Miracast

S8 Screen Share Lg Tv Mac

You can also mirror and display the screen of your Android to any receiver or a Miracast-capable TV. Moreover, everything that is being showed on your Android phone is exactly what will be displayed on your LG TV. This device is a wireless USB-like object that connects laptops, tablets, or any Android phones to be casted on TVs or PC monitors. To know more on how to connect Android to LG Smart TV, follow the step-by-step procedure below.

  • Insert your Miracast receiver to your TV with the use of an HDMI cable and USB cable. Then, turn on and select HDMI mode on the list.
  • On your Android phone, proceed to the phone settings and select “Cast Screen”. Search for the Miracast device and tap it on to link.
  • Your phone is now mirrored on your LG TV.

Connect Android to LG TV with ApowerMirror

S8 Screen Share Lg Tv From Laptop

ApowerMirror is a great application that allows users to be able to screen share Android to LG TV or to any larger screens like a computer or a projector. With this, users are able to share demonstrations of courses’ modules on their classes, meetings or seminars; enjoy watching movies and play mobile games on a wider monitor display. Additionally, this tool may help you to video record your amazing gameplay or any screen activity on your mobile phone to your LG TV. It also supports iOS devices, which you may freely choose to connect via lightning cable or through Wireless internet server. To start using this wonderful too, just follow the simple steps and instructions on how to cast to LG TV from Android, start the mirroring process.

  • Download, install, and Launch the application on both Android and PC.
  • Connect your Android to PC via USB cable. Then the connection will be initiated automatically.
  • Now on your phone grant the access by clicking “Start Now”.
  • Once connected, connect it now to your LG TV with the use of an HDMI cable. Your phone then is now mirrored to your LG TV.

Connect Android to LG TV with LetsView

Want a free one? Try using LetsView. It has significant similarity with the Apowermirror when it comes to features and protocol. They offer the same functions but with LetsView it is for free. No sign-ups needed and no limitations in usage. You can use all features without restrictions. Likewise, this works with all device platforms. Meanwhile, to connect Android to LG TV, follow the guide below.

  • Get the app on your phone and your TV.
  • Connect both devices under the same network.
  • Get the pin from your TV.
  • Enter it to your phone by clicking the first icon from the right side of the interface.
  • Enter the pin and the mirroring will begin.


These are the three of the best ways to connect your android to your LG TV. You may now display your Android’s screen activity to a larger screen display at home, which is your LG TV. Watching movies, displaying photos and playing your favorite mobile games will be so much fun. All tools offer you stress-free ways on how to connect Android to LG Smart TV, However, if you want the best quality mirroring features I highly recommend ApowerMirror.

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