Simple Snake Drawing

In this drawing guide, we will tell you how to draw a snake. We hope it will be quite interesting since the snake is one of the most unusual living creatures in the whole world. In the process of evolution, the snake lost all its limbs but acquired incredible elasticity and flexibility. Poisonous snakes are true silent assassins from wild nature.

Find snake drawing stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. Thousands of new, high-quality pictures added every day. How to Draw an Easy Snake. The first is going to be how to draw an easy snake, step by step. Snakes in general are pretty simple to draw. The only thing that can get a bit confusing when drawing them out, is the ‘s’ like shape of their slithering body. There is a ton of ways you can draw snakes easily, and I am going to show you how to do.

Simple cute snake drawing

Step 1 – Sketch the Outlines of the Head

Simple Snake Images

  1. Step 1 Draw a circle for the head of the snake and a curved line for the body. Make the outline a s shown. Step 2 In between the two outlines, draw the eyes and the structure of the face below the 2 nd line. Step 3 Finish the head by drawing triangular arrows.
  2. Step 1: The Black Mamaba is a very long snake but it is not too heavy! To start drawing the snake, draw a small curved shape at the top, with two small loops at the top for the mouth and eye. Draw the eye by adding a small oval near the top, and a line in the middle for the mouth.

I believe this is some sort of viper but regardless of the type of snake that you wish to draw, this tutorial should be.

Simple snake drawing

Draw the head of this lovely snake. Place a small oval with a pointed end at the bottom of the sheet of paper. Think in advance about the location of the snake and the shape of its body.

Step 2 – Sketch the Snake’s Torso

Draw the outlines of the torso. Use smooth lines with lots of curves. The snake has a very elastic body, however, do not overdo it with the number of bends so that it does not look like a metal wire. Use light lines so you can remove errors and inaccuracies.

Step 3 – Draw the Second Line of the Snake’s Torso

Add another line. This line should be almost completely parallel to the line from the previous step. An exception is a tail because, in the tail area, two lines converge and form a sharp tail. Note the thickening of the snake’s torso in the area of large curves.

Step 4 – Draw the Eyes and Nostrils

Draw the facial features of our snake. In our case, because of the angle, we can only see one eye and a pair of nostrils. The nostrils look like a pair of dots, and the eye looks like a semicircle bounded by a horizontal line. By the way, it looks a lot like the head of a small lizard.

Step 5 – Draw the Texture of the Snakeskin

The skin of a snake has a very unusual texture. These are smooth, rounded scales that allow the snake to slide through the narrowest and most difficult to access gorges and burrows. This is a drawing lesson in a simple cartoon style, so don’t draw all the scales in detail.

Step 6 – Erase the Guidelines

Set aside the drawing objects, take an eraser, and erase all unnecessary guidelines from your snake drawing. To make your artwork more expressive, darken the necessary lines.

Step 7– Color the Snake Drawing

Let’s use light green as our base color. A darker shade of this color would be a good option for the shadows. Please note that our snake has a black eye with a noticeable white glare.

So, the most basic things are behind, and if you followed our recommendations, then most likely now you know how to draw a snake. We are looking forward to your feedback. Write to us your opinion, because the team of Easydrawingart.com reads all your comments and answers many of them.


Simple Snake Drawing

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Description: Here something simple for all you animal lovers that are still struggling to sketch out your favorite wild kingdom species. I said I was going to fill a request on 'how to draw a snake for kids', step by step so here it is. This is a very simple snake concept that can be drawn in a matter of minutes. The tutorial is pretty basic and the steps are wicked easy to follow and understand. Sometimes drawing snakes isn’t all that easy because of their long coiling bodies and their highly detailed faces. The scales on a snake alone are like drawing scales on a dragon. Both species of animal fall in the reptile category, but a snake is a whole lot simpler to draw. Anyways there isn’t too much to say for this description except I think artists of all skill levels will like this tutorial on 'how to draw a snake for kids'. You can color in your snake any shade you like, and you can even draw more than one as well. The best part about this lesson is how darn easy its going to be. Well that’s it folks have an awesome drawing day, and be sure to try out something else when you are done with this tutorial. Peace people and have fun!