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Copic Sketch markers are alcohol-based, equipped with both a Super Brush soft brush nib and a Medium Broad chisel nib. They are ideal for rendering, design, animation, graphic novel illustration, manga, fine art and craft projects. They will bleed through some papers and function best on ultra smooth card. We recommend Canson XL marker paper, Borden & Riley Paris paper, and Strathmore marker paper.
Understanding the Copic Sketch Marker system:
The first symbol is a letter representing a hue or color family, i.e. R-Red, B-Blue, Y-Yellow, BG- Blue-Green, etc.The numbers following the letter are broken down into two parts with each digit representing a different classification or characteristic of the marker color. For that reason, it is easier to understand the color code if the numbers are viewed individually rather than together. For example, think of G14 as G-one-four or YR23 as YR-two-three. The first number indicates saturation. The lower the number, the brighter, more pure or vibrant the color. As the first number increases so does the amount of gray within that color. With a higher first number, the color is less vibrant or toned down. The second number indicates brightness or color shade. Lower numbers are lighter shades while the higher numbers are darker.
The Sketch line has the widest range of color choices, and they are refillable. The refills for our Copic Markers are a special order item. We would be glad to help you, please let us know what colors you need and we can ship them to you or have them at the store for easy pickup.

Our Copic Sketch Markers are always on sale at $6.95 each. Receive an additional 15% off if you buy 12 or more.

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Copic Sketch Markers offer 36 wonderful colors of blue, from Pale Porcelan Blue to bright Peacock Blue.

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  • COPIC SKETCH SET 12 EX2 PENS MARKERS + Storage Box. )Copic Sketch N2.
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Copic Sketch Markers have 27 colors in the Blue Green range.Try using some of the more subtle shades like Mint Green or Ocean Mist

Copic Sketch Markers

Copic Sketch Markers

Copic Sketch Markers have 25 shades of green from Jade Green, a pale blue tinted green to a deeper dark green like Olive Green.

Copic Sketch Markers have 11 degrees of Neutral Gray. A great to do a value study with these markers.

Copic Sketch Markers

Copic Sketch Markers

Copic Sketch Markers

Copic Sketch Markers

Sketch Pen Set Price

From Pale Macadamia Nut to a bright Chinese Orange you'll be able to choose from 24 different warm yellows and orange hues in Copic Sketch Markers.

Looking for earth tones? You'll find 24 shades in with Copic Sketch Markers. Like traditional Sepia, Ivory and Walnut as well as Flesh Pink or Cocoa Brown.


What’s So Good About Copic Markers?

Copic set the standard for quality artist pens. Their combination of a broad nib and soft synthetic brush nib allow for a multitude of drawing effects including wonderful feathering. They have the largest selection of alcohol-based colors that are water color like and blend amazingly well. Their nibs are replaceable and ink refillable, reducing their cost over time.

How to Understand the Copic Marker Color Code System?

Copic uses a color code system of one or two letters followed by numbers. The letter(s) represent the color family. The first number represent the blending group. The higher the number the more saturated the color. The second number represents the value or shade. The lower the number the lighter the shade.

Which Copic Markers Blend Best?

The best colors to blend together are markers within the same color family and a few shade numbers apart. As an example colors E29, E27 and E25 will all blend together nicely. They share the same color family E - Earth Tones, and each marker is a few numbers apart from the others.

Which Copic Markers to Buy First?

Ink pen sketch

You’ll want to pick out two to three shades within each color family for color families that apply to the subject of your art. The shades should be a few numbers apart to give you good blending possibilities. You can easily make a nice basic set from 16 to 24 markers. And, there are several 12 and 24 Copic Marker Sets to get you started.

What is the Difference Between Copic Markers?

• Copic Ciao Markers: The Ciao line of markers offers a similar experience as Sketch, but at a slightly lower price and quality level.
• Copic Classic: The Classic line is Copic’s original model of marker and has been around for decades.
• Copic Wide: These fine markers have a huge 3/4 inch wide nib. They’re the best choice for a consistent stroke and color over large areas.
• Colorless Blender: A transparent alcohol-based liquid that matches the alcohol in Copic inks. A tool all by itself to lighten and blend.
• Airbrush System: Insert a marker and apply the ink like an airbrush. It allows you to color a variety of surfaces and textures.

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Are Copic Markers Permanent?

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Yes, once dry the ink is permanent on most surfaces. They are non-toxic and acid free.

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Are Copic Markers Waterproof?

Yes, when the alcohol in the inks evaporate they are waterproof.

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Black Sketch Pen Price

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