Soft98 Camtasia 2020

Download video assets like animated backgrounds, icons, motion graphics, and music tracks to customize Camtasia to fit your needs. فعال سازی نرم افزار کمتازیا. فولدری که محل نصب نرم افزار است را باز کنید. با کلیک راست بر روی برنامه نصب شده گزینه Open File Location را انتخاب کنید تا فولدر محل نصب نرم افزار باز شود و اگر از این طریق فولدر نصب برنامه باز نشد مجدد. Camtasia 2020 takes you and your team from idea to video faster than ever before.Already have Camtasia? Camtasia 2020 takes you and your team from idea.

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If you choose to upgrade your current version of Camtasia to the newest installment, for example 8.0 to 9.0, you have to pay for that upgrade. If you have a maintenance agreement, the upgrade is free.

Soft98 Camtasia 2020

There are also free updates that come with each new upgrade. If you currently have Camtasia 9.0 and it updates to 9.1, that’s a free change. The same goes for maintenance releases, so if it changes from 9.1.0 to 9.1.1, that’s free, too, until your next upgrade.

Download Camtasia Soft98

With each Camtasia purchase:

  • Your software key will unlock both Camtasia on Windows and Camtasia on Mac (Camtasia is one product, with two platforms).
  • Any updates released for your initial purchased version are free. So if you purchase 9.0 that means you get 9.1, 9.2, and any other updates free.
  • If you own an older release, you can buy the newest software release at a special upgrade price.
  • When downloading the latest version from our website, the software will check your software key to see if your version is eligible for the free update or special upgrade price. Check at any time by selecting 'Check for Upgrade' from the help file pull-down menu.

You can only upgrade or update to the newest release available on our website.

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Soft98 Camtasia 2020 Free

How to find out which version of Camtasia (Windows) you are on and whether you have a single-user or a multi-user license:

  1. Click Help > About Camtasia Studio
  2. In the About Camtasia Studio box, you should see your version (highlighted above).

How to find out which version of Camtasia (Mac) you are on:

Soft98 Camtasia 2020

  1. Click Camtasia > About Camtasia
  2. In the About Camtasia box, you should see your version (highlighted above).