Sunflower Drawing Easy

Download Sunflower drawing stock photos. Affordable and search from millions of royalty free images, photos and vectors. Pendown: start drawing of the turtle pen. In this article, we are going to write a code for drawing a Flower with the help of Turtle programming. As shown in the figure below. Approach: Import turtle module; Set speed of the turtle; Using loops to avoid unnecessary repetition of code. Draw each step with specific coordinates.

This tutorial is about how to draw a Sunflower, its very easy task for kids and beginners to start with and draw. It’s a very attractive and sightful plant. This yellow flower resembles Sun in itself. Its botanical name is Helianthus.

In very simple steps you can blossom it, but you must know how to do it in an exact way. They are large bright like sun and spreads happiness to everyone. You need a pencil, paper eraser crayons, colored pencil, marker or paints. You just had to follow simple steps and you can grow your own garden of sunflower.

Let’s begin..! the easy Sunflower Drawing.

How to Draw a Sunflower

Step 1: Sunflower is almost round in shape, thus draw a simple circle and semi-circle with stalk attached to it.

Step 2: For the middle part of the flower draw circle in the center. It need not be a perfect circle it can be oval. Draw outline for leaves and stalks.

Step 3: Mark another circle to mark the length of petals for the sunflower. Outline for the smaller flower also.

Step 4: For petal, outline draw a straight line with a soft hand.

Step 5: Start drawing petals using an outline in a random way or shown in the image. Draw each petal differently to make them look realistic. On the stalks draw leaves.

Step 6: Draw petals on the outer outline for the second row.

Step 7:Draw small petals in the manner we can see the tip for the third row. Thicken the stalk and add details to the leaves.

Sunflower drawing color easy

Sunflower Drawing Easy

Sunflower drawing easy tutorial

Step 8: Give a finishing touch to the sunflower with light and dark outlines. Erase unnecessary lines and finish the stokes.

Step 9: Your sunflower is ready to blossom and attract bugs.

Step 1: On the right side of the paper draw center of the flower.

Step 2: Around the center part draw petals for the sunflower.

Step 3: Add one more layer of the petal as only the tip is visible.

Step 4: Draw a stem and leaf on both sides.

Step 5: On the left side of the sunflower again draw center of the flower.

Step 6: Around the drawn center, draw 2 rows of petals.

Step 7: Draw a leaf for this flower and draw another small flower in the center.

Step 8: Add small petal leaves to make it look dense.

Sunflower Drawing Easy Half Off The Page

Step 9: Color the sunflower with yellow and use brown in the center, green for stalk and leaves.

Here we are giving a few more step by step process for drawing sunflower. By practicing these flowers you can draw wall paint, or on paper or anywhere you willing to.

While drawing your sunflower you only have to keep in mind that you have to start from center of flower. Draw petals step by step in rows, they should not be equal in size so that they will give realistic look. You will get a piece of cake in form of perfect sunflower. Is I’m wrong…? Definitely not..!

Thus keep on practicing if you are willing to grow your own garden with blossoming sunflowers.

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Pictures Of Sunflowers To Paint

Everyone likes flowers and this tutorial is on how to draw flower step by step for kids and beginners. Flora and fauna ie, plants and animals on this planet earth attract the most and also the important part of it.

Human life is unimaginable without the existence of animals and flowers. Flowers species on the earth are uncountable and very large with that of any other object. They always attract by their smell, beauty, and essence.

Flower shows love, respect, admiration, often sends a special message. Flower bouquets are used to gift on special occasions and for this purpose, Flower dictionaries are written to understand the message relates to every flower and bouquets.

In today’s flower drawing, we will learn bouquet drawing which embellishes the occasions of marriage, parties, Valentine’s day, funerals, etc. You will get to learn flower bouquets and a bunch of flowers in the vase. Start your bouquet and flower drawing on paper with a pencil and color them with your own choice.

If really do love flower also see how to draw a rose and a sunflower.

How to draw easy flowers for kids:

Step 1: To start your drawing, draw a circle in middle, then draw a U shape around it in a manner that the end of U touches the circle.

Step 2: In the same way draw the second flower too, as drawn below.

Step 3: Draw the third flower, using the same pattern, above both flowers. You can draw the number of petals with your choice.

Step 4: Now draw some different flowers, like tulips. Draw stalk from the drawn flowers and a U shape enclosed with pointed W, repeat the pattern and draw few more tulips.

Step 5: In this step add some greenery to flowers, for this draw a leaf pattern randomly around the flowers.

Step 6: Add a few more greenery on other sides too.

Step 7: Draw small flowers in the space left in the drawing. Draw a bunch of stems below tied with a ribbon, as shown in the image below.

How To Draw A Sunflower

Step 8: Color your flowers with attractive colors and use green for stems and leafs.

How to draw flowers in a Vase:

Step 1: Draw the base for your flower drawing. Start by drawing random ovals and circles of different sizes attached to the stalk.

Step 2: Draw the outline for the vase using straight lines.

Step 3: Draw the center of every flower as shown below, also draw some leaves randomly. Delineate the shape of the jug, draw an oval for the base.

Step 4: Draw petals of the flowers as we did for sunflower drawing, draw handle of the jug with parallel lines. Also, finish the bottom of the jug

Step 5: Define the stems by thickening the outline drawn. Add a few more long leaves to the drawing.

Sunflower Picture To Draw

Step 6: Draw the second layer of petals wherever required. Delineate the leaves with proper shapes.

Step 7: Draw the sepals of the flowers and other details required.

Step 8: Contour the flowers with shading and darkening the outlines.

Sunflower Drawing Easy For Kids

Step 9: Erase all the extra lines from the drawing.

How To Draw A Sunflower For Kids

How to draw step by step flowers: