Twitch Bits

  • Let your Twitch viewers play sound effects on your live stream and earn Bits. Boost viewer engagement and strengthen your community!
  • Bits are a virtual good you can buy on Twitch that give you the power to encourage and show support for streamers, get attention in chat through animated emoticons, get recognition through badges, leaderboards, and acknowledgement from the streamer, and even unlock loot during special esports events like Overwatch League Cheering.
  • The Bits in Extensions program, including revenue share, may be adjusted from time to time or deprecated by Twitch in its sole discretion. Both Affiliate and Partner revenue share will be paid 15 days after the first of the following month (Net 15).

Log in to Twitch – it’s available on all platforms – PC, Mac, tablet or mobile. Generally, you will farm more bits on desktop so I’d recommend doing it on your computer. Navigate to a stream of your choice. 3) Click the bits icon at the bottom of the chat.

  • Monetize your Content
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Monetize your Content

Two of the most popular ways for viewers to show support for your channel are through Subscriptions and Bits. Let’s take a look at what they are and how you can best use them.

Based on our research and feedback from seasoned Partners, we’ve put together a few tips:


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Subscriptions let your community support you on a consistent basis and get rewarded with exclusive perks for doing so. Aside from the good vibes, subscribers gain access to custom global emotes usable across all of Twitch, subscriber badges, ad-free viewing, and more.

Subscriptions (aka subs)A Subscription allows a viewer to pay a minimum of $4.99 per month to support your channel, either on a recurring or one-time basis. Subscribers (subs) get access to your emotes and other benefits you can define.
There are multiple tiers available to subscribers that want to provide additional levels of support by raising the rate to $9.99 or $24.99 a month.
Gifted SubscriptionsGifted subscriptions are exactly what they sound like. A way for viewers to gift a one-month subscription to your channel to another user. The gifted subscription supports your channel just like a typical sub and gift recipients have the option to become a regular subscriber after their first month expires. As your channel grows, gift subscriptions are a great way for your biggest fans to help grow your community.
Prime GamingPrime Gaming is included with Amazon Prime and includes a ton of great perks for viewers, including one free channel subscription per month. Prime Gaming members who use that free sub to support you are set up on a non-recurring basis, so it’s always a good idea to remind your Prime Gaming subscribers to renew every month.
Sub-Only PerksTiered subs, Prime subs, and gifted subs are all eligible to receive exclusive benefits like emotes, tenure-based chat badges, sub-only VODs, commercial free viewing (with limited exceptions), and sub-only chat. As the owner of your channel, you can decide what makes sense for your community.


Bits are a virtual good that your viewers can use to Cheer in chat to show support, celebrate moments, and amplify their voice. When a viewer Cheers, animated Bit gem emotes, Cheermotes (animated versions of popular emotes), or custom Cheermotes (for Partners) appear in Chat. You receive $0.01 for each Bit used in your chat.

Bits can also be used in certain extensions for your channel page. When your audience uses Bits in extensions, you’ll receive 80% of $0.01 for each Bit used in the extension and the extension developer will receive the remaining 20%.

Bits are also more reliable than third party donation methods because as a streamer, you’re protected against chargebacks or any other potential payment issues. It’s all handled within Twitch, so you can rest easy and focus on entertaining your community.

Remember, viewers Cheer and subscribe because they enjoy watching you! Think about your content first, and monetization second. The more entertaining and engaged you are with viewers, the more naturally your revenue will increase. If you’re craving even more on Bits you can read our Bits Acceptable Use Policy.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Acknowledge viewers as they support your channel with Cheers or subs. Visual alerts and verbal “thank yous” are easy ways to do this.
  • It can be fun to use Cheering with Bits as a way for your viewers to express gratitude or offer encouragement.
  • Set sub and Bits goals for your stream. You can work with your community to hit these goals and celebrate together when you do.
  • Provide some kind of “return” for support. Twitch offers sub emotes, badges, and other benefits, but you can get creative and offer things like a dedicated day to play games with subs on stream.
  • Don’t make users feel guilty if they cannot subscribe or use Bits, watching you or participating in chat might be their way of showing support.
  • Don’t overly monetize multiple aspects of your stream. Users can feel disengaged if the primary focus of your content is generating revenue.
  • Don’t be afraid to talk about money. Your viewers want to support you and sometimes aren’t sure how to.
  • Don’t forget to acknowledge your viewers support, whether that’s via alerts, a verbal “thank you”, or extra subscriber benefits. Users are more likely to support you in the future if they feel appreciated and acknowledged.

Twitch is one of the popular platforms for bloggers, gamers, and video producers. Its popularity is brought about by the love of huge video broadcasts. Just from sharing new songs to streaming games, twitch has everything for everyone. In 2016, the platform introduced a feature called Bits on affiliate and partners. The users streaming and benefiting from bits, however, are paid up to $0.01 per 1 bit. The good news is that you can enjoy these bits on twitch for free. How do you do that? Well, this article seeks to guide you through.

What are twitch bits?

The Bits are cheering animated emotes that are sent via chats. They are one of the outstanding ways to reward your favorite broadcasters and streamers. These bits can be bought online, and if they accumulate either by watching ads or buying them, you can donate or redeem them to watch live streams. They are arguably tailored to benefit both the viewer and the streamer. Besides, they are available in several badges for fans to redeem. So how do you get these free bits?

These are many techniques you can utilize to get these free bits. If you are a viewer or streamer, you can help create a good relationship with fellow streamers. Here is what you need to do to get started.

- Watch ads on mobile

One of the best ways to get free bits is by watching ads on your mobile. To help you watch these ads using your mobile, follow these steps;

  1. Launch the twitch application and choose the streamer you want.
  2. From the chat section, you will find the bit icon. Click on it and choose the option “Get Bits.”
  3. Watch the ads available that run for up to 30 seconds.
  4. Get your free bits. Normally, users get fewer bits when using their phones than when using their PCs.

- Farm bits watching ads

You also can perform a lot of low-effort, cheeky free bit hacks. To do this, you need to follow the following steps;

  1. Mute the ads while keep them playing on the screen.
  2. Play the ads frequently during your breaks.

Usually, it is possible to mute ads and keep them running on the secondary window, making it easy to attend other tasks. Alternatively, you can play ads while taking a bathroom or drinking water. Considering these steps helps you create bits easily.

- Watch ads on desktop

Watching ads on your desktop helps you to get more bits. If you are using the twitch platform all day while actively watching the ads, the chances are that you will earn good rates. To help you watch these ads on your desktop, follow these steps;

Buy Twitch Bits

Twitch bits badges
  1. Ensure your Ad-blocker is turned off. If you are using Firefox or Chrome browser, you will hover the cursor to the address bar and click the icon Ad-block. Then, you will choose either to turn it off or pause on all the websites.
  2. Open the stream by clicking on the purple diamond-like icon.
  3. Click the option “Get Bits.” You will see an option “watch ads.”
  4. The next option is watching the ads. Watching ads gives you 5-10 bits. Some ads need the user’s interaction.

- Fill out the survey

Another sure way of getting free bits is by carrying out surveys. These surveys are done on twitch RPG through the following procedure.

  1. Open Twitch RPG account with your mail to complete the survey and earn emote. While doing that, ensure that you use an email that you often check. The reason for this is that most surveys are sensitive to time.
  2. Wait for the response from twitch.
  3. If you are a streamer, you can consider watching a 10 minutes video.
  4. Ensure that you’ve answered the questions concerning the content. The questions might be information about merchandise, ads, or brands. Essentially, the twitch RPG was designed to enable users or viewers to explain how the platform can improve. Joining the RPG enables the user to fill in the sweepstakes to win free gears on twitch.

Can you earn with Twitch Bits?

$0.01 is equal to one twitch. This means that having 100 twitch bits equate to $1. If you are a streamer, you need to accumulate up to $100 for them to be withdrawn.


Twitch Bits To Money

Twitch Bits are arguably a vast rising in-stream currency. They are actually awesome for both streamers and viewers to support their channels and fellows. They have a pricing plan appropriate for everyone’s budget. Just follow the above tips and get yourself free bits on twitch. Want more followers or likes on your twitch account? Do not fret because you can buy them from here.