Twitch Recap 2020

This is maybe a bit exposing but Twitch sent out recap emails summarizing your account for the year. What's yours look like? Most used emote was only used 58 times. For those of you who spam lulw kekw all day I guess this won't be accurate though. Also the top watched channels is messed up.

Had a Good Time Watching my Queens This Year.

  • 27,000+ partnered streamers 100% from 2015 150,000+ affiliate streamers; 106 minutes spent daily on Twitch per user 25% from 2012 100+ MILLIONS unique viewers per month as of May 2017.
  • How to get your Twitch 2020 recap Here's how you can get a full 2020 Twitch recap, showing you your most watched games, streamers, most-popular emotes, and more.
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Had a good time watching my queens this year.
How'd your TwitchRecap turn out? Show us what you got.
Thanks for an awesome 2020 on Twitch. Here's to an even better 2021! twitchrecap (My first game didn't load but I believe it's supposed to be Pokemon Sword/Shield).
:D lets aim for bETTER 2021 YEEHAW.
Can anyone beat my chat record?
Javascript eventlistener : Event Propagation Explained (w Bubbling and Capturing) learncode 100DaysOfCode frontend webdev frontend TwitchRecap BlackShirtDay Watch now -.
Where is my email i just wanna see it.
Silently cries in still not getting a TwitchRecap email yet.
These TwitchRecap are creepy. Companies have just created acute way to show you how much data theyve collected on you in a year.
Holy crap! You are all amazing! Thank you so much for an insane year on Twitch !!!
My twitchrecap viewer stats say that I watch queenbiiia more than I watch... Myself. Not sure if this is good or not, but she's totally worth it. Happy to see psychesiren on here too! VnulbVnulbVnulb.
1000 hours watching Pokimane, Melina and STPeach Lets go!
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I fell in love with twitch when I discovered this trio and its safe to say they took up most of my time in 2020...
This is so cool! I just started streaming in 2020 so I'm really proud of this.
Oooh the twitchrecap came in. I didnt realize my Minecraft stream time had jumped up so much!
Shoutout to my most watched channels of 2020: DJS2k8 , cosybirb , and Jay_Ridd . I hope you can check them out and show them some love. Special shoutout to the best boy that is BegWan !
Me watching everyone get an email with their.
2021 looking very bright.
For starting out from almost scratch in late october, Im glad where I am today with my channel. Met some cool people and hope to do more.
This is a certifies xqcL stream.
Wheres my email at twitch.
Not my proudest flex and I mostly lurk. nmplol & malenatudi in the morningm0xyOW and Hiko during the middle xQc for the rest of the day.
Enough said indeed, to many more hours in 2021 habibi.
OooEee , Not bad for 8 months Twitch Live streaming in 2020!
Here's my TwitchRecap for 2020!Trainwreckstv xQc REALMizkif were my top watched streamers.
I still havent gotten mine yet wtf.
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Wheres my twitch recap.
Ok, but I would like to know exactly how many of the 1,189,985 accumulated channel points were used on honks. Give me THAT stat please.
Huh. My TwitchRecap is nothing about content creation. Well then!
Takeaways from my 2020 TwitchRecap 1. I am officially aMario man2. I have almost streamed enough to consider it a part-time job3. Apparently X33N and I share some viewership4. Why yall always laughin at me.
TTs ]22:00] 1 Juanma 2 FirstDates15E 3 Pasapalabra173 4 TwitchRecap 5 Reuniones de 4.
2020 was a rough year but it was also a year my life was changed forever and a year I truly felt human. This is all because of you. Thank you all for taking time out of your lives to spend it with me. Thank you for changing my life I love you guys! Thank you twitch.
Im baby streamer.
My 2020 TwitchRecap . Going to try for 730 hours broadcasted in 2021.
I'm pretty proud of this for starting mid last year.
Really enjoyed streaming last year! Started in March and am thankful for everyone that followed or said hi!
Folks have watched our content on twitch for almost 40 Thousand hours. Holy smokes!
Not bad, thank you for you continued support! (Might need to do another Yakuza/BOTW run this year).
TIL that we watch a lot of onscreenlol followed by JamesaroniTV ddddvbbbb But, who stays up late to watch Poker [?]nulb[?]nulb[?]nulb[?]nulb.
Heres my TwitchRecap from 2020! Shoutout to CourtneyMarie_e LucyMaeGames & Pallyberryy for being my Top 3 most watched streamers in 2020! Plus having some of my favourite emotes on the platform too.
Please Check out! I will do coloring book page illustration for you in 24 hours for 5$ TOTP StephenBear Gammons Only10 BlackOutBTS Rooney.
Proud to say my top three streamers watched in order was Quackity tommyinnit and.
On fucking god time well wasted.
Dang this increase is amazing ty guys!
Here's my twitchrecap :).
Twitch my stats from 2020.
Lets see if I can hit 8000 chats sent and 400,000 channel points earned.
That sounds about right. Shout out to De4dDuck , Ricown and Joviticus85 for keeping me sane all year.
Here's my TwitchRecap. The numbers don't matter. I'm surrounded by so many lovely friends, and made loads of new ones through Twitch, that means the most. Even though I've not met some of you IRL yet, your support through the last 12 months and beyond blows me away.
Somehow I assume most of this is your doing. :P.
Hey guys I think twitch is lying to me.
I thought i wasted more time on this plattform lol.
.Twitch TwitchRecap Not too bad for only having started streaming in December!
I lurk hard. Not surprised this is my top three. Thank you for making a shitty year a little better. wesbtw1 EsfandTV JoshBelmar and so many more.
Let's get higher broadcasting hours.
Yaaaay sweet TwitchRecap Thanks to EVERYONE who ever spent even a minute watching my nonsense lol And to the heroic regulars & the amazingMods And best of all... I taught myself to sing And I taught myself to Draw ON STREAMS. Amazing.
The growth since finally committing to streaming has been awesome. I cannot thank all of you guys for inspiring me to go live and share in a laugh that is my online experience sometimes. Love my chat, lurkers and doubters! Without you there is no Hero.
Honestly I felt like I streamed for way longer than 1.16k Hours. Still, I hope I was able to entertain each and everyone of you this year!
Top 3 streamers watched in 2020 are shroud summit1g & Trainwreckstv Love yallVnulb.
That 2021 TwitchRecap is gonna slap tho, can't wait!
OUR FIRST YEAR OF STREAMING !! Ive grown so much and experienced so much. We goin hard af for 2021 tho so lets keep up the grind ([?]><).
We got our TwitchRecap and it is a reminder of how wild and wonderful our streaming community is. Bart and I appreciate every single one of you who watch and participate and have become our friends. <3.
When do you get your twitch recap.
It's not much, but it was honest work. Thanks to everyone that tuned in for any amount of time in 2020 and hopefully more to come in 2021!
This is my TwitchRecap no surprises with MattMaloneTV at number 1.
You guys supported me so much despite me streaming probably less than last year, but with my primary demanding videos done I'm gonna have more time to vibe with you this year. thank you for hanging out.
The channels I have watched the most this year are amazing.
Guess Its_Me_Guy was right, those are my favorite emotes.
Heres my Twitch Recap! Always lurking and love watching.
So I know everyone's sharing their TwitchRecap but instead of all the stats this is the bit that I really liked Forget 'who knows where my viewers would be without me', I don't want to think how 2020 would of been without my community, keeping me sane and smiling.
Ty for such an interesting year.
Anyone get me in their TwitchRecap ?
Just got my TwitchRecap and man do i chat alot like 25,465 messages sent, WHAT?!!? Twitch is this normal?
Im cool.
Why is my TwitchRecap just showing stats about the hours I streamed and not like everyone elses with most watched channels and stuff.
Bro, I am killing it on Twitch!! went a whole negative 22 followers last year twitch TwitchRecap All jokes aside I love Twitch!! and have made a lot of friends through streaming!!
Friday night and I'm pushing on with game number 9 hoping 2021 TwitchRecap is a good one. Come watch me play Viking Battle for Asgard. You may even meet Steven.
2020 TwitchRecap Started streaming in May just looking for a way to unwind & to take a break from reality. We've all had a tough year. If I could brighten someone's day/week/month then that meant more to me than anything else.
Here is my Recap of 2020!
Despite all the difficulties we faced in 2020 it's actually heartwarming that I'm on some people's TwitchRecap . I'm truly honored and now that we're here this is what mine looks like!
This is a pretty cool preview for my Stream In Review 2020 video coming out later this year. Glad to see my emote made the top 6 >:D.
This year was crazy in terms of streaming, lots of growth. Thank you to everyone whos supported me this year!
Last year was a lot of fun, even though I was streaming erratically. My top games streamed, haha! And the emotes, thanks TristaBytes! Thank you everyone who watched me goof around and chill. I promise to only use my powers for evil, never good!
Mfs when their twitchrecap exposes the fact that they're an inniter.
Either way here's my first TwitchRecap as a partner. Yakuza eh, never heard of it.
So I did it myself.. No thanks to the TwitchRecap The hours watched breaks down to 4,139hrs. The only thing that was sad about is my average views but I can fix that.
Hello all of you Vaingloriously wonderful people! I'm grateful for each and every single view and follow - thanks for making 2020 the best year for me on Twitch yet. Can't wait to see what we can do together in 2021!!!

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Twitch recap 2020

Nigga quite literally lives and breathes horny.

Damn, you watched more Pokimane than there are hours in the year and she wasn't even your most watched. Absolute MadLad.

I'm watching my king.




My favorite simp.

Did you type turn around poggers in all of their chats?

Oh damn Nemi you on a new low.


Acting like we all don't know your most watched is definitely LS.

Turn around Poggers.

Turn around poggers.

Thought your only queen was your cat smh.

Where can you see the hours of your top watch channels?


You really just watched 114 years worth Twitch Mad Respect.

Hes missing a queen.

Leaked twitch staff recap?

I've never been more amused in my entire life.


After a quick evaluation...

Down bad today aren't we?


I already understand the reason why you say that you always fall asleep late and do not stream on time :).

Turn Around POGGERS.



Why didn't watch porn instead of these? Idk why people watch these guys because of them beauty. Anyway choices are special for people but I just don't get it.



C'est ton recap nan ?

This is why you just a content creator this year.

Twitch Recap 2020

U ok.

My Twitch Recap 2020

Hm. You watched Amouranth for 114 years? How old ARE you?