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  • Amazon Chime is a pay-as-you-go communications service with no upfront fees, commitments, or long-term contracts. With pay as you go pricing you only pay for features you use on the days you use them, so you don't have to worry about overspending.
  • Amazon Chime is a service for cloud communications on the surface, but something much more useful underneath. Offering online meetings, video conferencing, chat, and more, this business communication service separates itself from a crowded market by bundling collaboration tools that you might need in one easy-to-use solution. Consider this scenario: You're working on a new product design with.

Amazon Chime is best with Chrome, Firefox, and Chromium Edge browsers.

By downloading Amazon Chime, you agree to the AWS customer agreement, AWS service terms, and AWS privacy notice. If you already have an AWS customer agreement, you agree that the terms of that agreement govern your download and use of this product. Vonage: RingCentral: Pros – Lower cost per line – Great voice quality, even with low bandwidth – Great mobile app capabilities – Versatile communication – Ease of use: Cons – Features feel limited compared to other providers – No built-in video call technology – Connects with Amazon Chime (free with purchase of Vonage plan.

During Coronatime everything went online. If you have been organizing big offline events, now you have to do the same thing online. A year before you simply went to the doctor’s office, now you think twice and use the Telemedicine calling application to consult the doctor first. Education apps flourish online as well.

It’s no surprise that video streaming providers like Vonage, Amazon Chime, Twilio are booming. They bill audio/video streaming per minute. And if your business has many customers – you are in $$$ trouble.

But sometimes it’s possible to overcome extra expenses. And in this blog post, I will let you know what to do if you need to manage many 1 to 1 video calls or video conferencing in small groups.

Quick theory about how most of the video conference system works. We have a server in the middle and every participant connects to the server. It works great, and there is no alternative when you have many users in a room.

But, when you have a limited amount of participants in a room or 1 to 1 video call, you can use a different approach.

See, there is no server, all participants are connected to each other. How cool is that!


As always there are pros and cons of such a system, it’s called “Mesh” by the way.

Pros: You don’t need media streaming servers.

Cons: You can’t hold many users in such a room. It depends on the video quality and device power, so let’s say 6-8 users is a maximum.

Ok, so we have this Mesh approach and it works well for Telemedicine, for Education applications in small groups.

Let’s calculate and compare the usage costs for both types of systems.

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Imagine we have a Telemedicine application, and you have mostly 1 to 1 call, sometimes up to 4 participants in the room.

Vonage Video Conferencing

Vonage amazon chime download

Let’s assume the system has 1000 video calls per day. Every call duration is 15 min on average.

Vonage/Tokbox costs:

One video call has 2 video participants streams involved. Meaning 1 call on average is 2x15min = 30 min of video streams. Then 30 min x 1000 calls = 30,000 minutes of video streaming.

Vonage has a pricing of $0.0045 per minute of the video stream.

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$0.0045 x 30,000 minutes = $135 per day, or $135 x 30 days = $4050 per month

Vonage Amazon Chime Download

WebRTC Mesh System costs:

Vonage Business Meetings

For such a system, you need to use a server only to establish a call and connect users directly. In some rare situations, you need to use a relay TURN server for sending traffic.

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The server to establish calls will cost you roughly $100/month.

The relay TURN server will add roughly $100/month on top. In total, we have $200 per month.

Wow, it is $4k vs $0.2K! Where is a catch?

Well, you definitely need to consider installing such a “Mesh” system, and by coincidence, we have developed it! And we even sell it with source code and can install it on your premises.

Message me to get the Demo and Quote: [email protected]


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Vonage amazon chime download

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