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Each opera receives its own chapter, in which Newman relates first how Wagner came to choose the subject, then how he developed it through various sketches and drafts. Finally, he goes through the opera in great detail, with dozens of musical excerpts printed in the text. Richard Wagner 's works for the stage, representing more than 50 years of creative life, comprise his 13 completed operas and a similar number of failed or abandoned projects. His first effort, begun when he was 13, was a prose drama, Leubald, but thereafter all his works were conceived as some form of musical drama. In this classic guide, the foremost Wagner expert of our century discusses ten of Wagner's most beloved operas, illuminates their key themes and the myths and literary sources behind the librettos, and demonstrates how the composer's style changed from work to work. Welcome to opera in an underground parking garage. A year after Lyric Opera’s production of Richard Wagner’s complete “Ring” cycle was scuttled by the pandemic, the company has brought a.


Wagner Opera

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