Waterfall Sketch

  1. Waterfall Sketch Simple

Download 610 Sketch Waterfall Stock Illustrations, Vectors & Clipart for FREE or amazingly low rates! New users enjoy 60% OFF. 160,240,581 stock photos online. This video is all about the “How To Draw A Landscape With Waterfall With PENCIL Pencil Art”.It shows how to draw objects of rocks, grass houses surroundings.in an easy manner, a simple sketch of a landscape with house and waterfall. & different tones of pencil shading.

This tutorial is about how to draw a Waterfall for kids and beginners, in addition to landscape drawing. When the water of rivers flows from the mountain areas and steeps on land they form waterfalls. They are natural, amazing, and breathtaking with the structure.

Few waterfalls are world famous because of their size and height. They attract people with their structure of formation. One of the world-famous landscape drawings belongs to a waterfall. Thus, today we will draw our waterfall. It’s very easy, you only have to follow the steps given below for your Waterfall drawing. We are proving you with a pencil sketch of the waterfall and a colored waterfall drawing, follow both or whichever you find easy.

How to Draw a Waterfall

Waterfall sketch tutorial

Step 1: Start drawing your waterfall by drawing 2 lines, not very even. Draw one line at the upper part of the paper and a second at the bottom of paper, these lines should not be even.

How to draw a waterfalls

Step 2: By drawing two uneven lines downward to the upper line. These lines will be outline for the waterfall. By contouring these lines your waterfall will be ready.

Step 3: Every step in this drawing process is easy to draw, at this stage draw rocks. Under the waterfall, on both side of the waterfall outline draw random curvy lines to form rock. You can use your own imagination to draw it.

Step 4: Mark line at the bottom where your water will fall on the ground and around its depict pond area too.

SketchWaterfall pencil sketch

Step 5: Give your waterfall some lively structure, draw grass on the rocks. You can also draw tree with your imagination.

Step 6: Draw fine random lines on the area drawn for the waterfall to depict water, also draw grasses on the top of rocks around the waterfall. In the pond draw water waves representing water moment.

Step 7: Your waterfall is ready, draw it according to your choice or you can do it by following the example given below.

Waterfall Pencil Drawing for Kids

Waterfall Sketch

Step 1: Start with drawing a straight horizontal line as the base of the waterfall, and at the top of the paper draw a curvy line to depict the origin of the waterfall.

Step 2: Now its time to draw falling water, for this draw vertical lines from the rising part towards the base.

Step 3: Draw many wavy lines on the horizon depicting the clouds of the water. Then draw many slightly curvy lines for the waterfall. Lines must be random no need to follow any particular format.

Step 4: To increase volume and look more realistic draw many fine lines to the waterfall. Draw these lines more on upper and lower part than middle, to create glare.

Step 5: Shade your waterfall to give it more realistic look, finish the coastline and the surface water using lines and curves.

Drawing water fall is part of nature drawing and landscape drawing. Its not so difficult if you exactly know how it looks like. Below we are giving few more steps for waterfall drawing for kids. You will find them easy to follow and draw.

Waterfall Sketch Simple

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