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An X-Ray Diffractometer is the instrument we use to produce monochromatic x-rays, focus the beam on a sample, scan through a range of 2θ, and then detect the reflected x-rays and their intensity. Monochromatic x-rays are generated in a cathode ray tube. What is X-ray Diffraction (XRD) used for?More information you can find under www.bruker.com/xrd.#xrd #xraydiffraction #braggslaw. X-ray diffraction, a phenomenon in which the atoms of a crystal, by virtue of their uniform spacing, cause an interference pattern of the waves present in an incident beam of X rays. The atomic planes of the crystal act on the X rays in exactly the same manner as.

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This document provides an introduction to the basics of x-ray diffraction (XRD), aimed primarily at scientists and engineers who are not experts in the field but who are interested in using XRD as a tool.After describing what can be learned from XRD, and how typical XRD instruments are constructed, we go into some depth in describing the analysis of data from x-ray 'area' or 'two-dimensional' detectors.

Experts in the field may identify exceptions to some statements that made in this document, but an effort has been made to strike the right balance between simplicity and accuracy.

For a more in-depth presentation of the same topics, Paul Heiney has produced a series of tutorial videos on X-ray scattering techniques.

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What is x-ray diffraction?
What types of measurement are typically made?
What are the components of an x-ray diffraction instrument?
How are x-ray area detector data analyzed?
What is involved in calibrating an XRD instrument with an area detector?
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